JVC GET0172-001A CD Player Kullanım Kılavuzu

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JVC GET0172-001A CD Player Kullanım Kılavuzu

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KD-S5055ENGLISHCD RECEIVER!"KD-S5055‰∑¬CD ‡§√◊ËÕ߇≈ËπCDKD-S5055DIRECT TRACK ACCESSLOUDKD-S5055SELDISPFor installation and connections, refer to the separate manual.!"#$%&'()*!"°√ÿ≥“¥Ÿ§ŸË¡◊Õ∑’Ë·¬°µË“ßÀ“° „π°“√µ‘¥µ—Èß·≈–°“√‡™◊ËÕ¡µËÕINSTRUCTIONS !"§”·π–π”GET0172-001A[U]ENCOVER-KD-S5055[U]f18/1/03, 10:56 AM

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ENGLISHIMPORTANT FOR LASER PRODUCTS1. CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT2. CAUTION: Do not open the top cover. There are no user serviceable parts inside unit; leave allservicing to qualified service personnel.3. CAUTION: Visible and invisible laser radiation when open and interlock failed or defeated. Avoiddirect exposure to beam.4. REPRODUCTION OF LABEL: CAUTION LABEL, PLACED OUTSIDE THE UNIT.How to reset your unitWhile holding SEL (Select), pressThis will reset the built-in microcomputer.(Standby/On Atten

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ENGLISHThank you for purchasing a JVC product. Please read all instructions carefully before operation,to ensure your complete understanding and to obtain the best possible performance from the unit.CONTENTSHow to reset your unit .................................. 2How to use the MODE button ...................... 3LOCATION OF THE BUTTONS ...............4Control panel ............................................... 4BASIC OPERATIONS ..........................5Turning on the power ...............

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ENGLISHLOCATION OF THE BUTTONSControl panelo ;aDisplay windows dfg hjk512 3467 8 9FMDIRECT TRACK ACCESSCDSSMAMMOqp123456789pqwertyui(Standby/On Attenuator) button+/– buttonsLOUD (Loudness) buttonSEL (Select) buttonLoading slotAM button0 (Eject) buttonCD buttonFM buttonDISP (Display) buttonMO (Monaural) buttonRPT (Repeat) buttonRND (Random) buttonNumber buttonsMODE buttonSCM (Sound Control Memory) button(Control panel release) button4/¢ buttons• Also functions as SSM buttons whenpressed toge

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1ENGLISHBASIC OPERATIONSFMCDSSM2AMMORPTRNDMODESCM3Turning on the power14Adjust the sound as you want(see pages 12 – 14).Turn on the power.To drop the volume in a momentNote on One-Touch Operation:When you select a source in step 2 below, thepower automatically comes on. You do not haveto press this button to turn on the power.2To turn off the powerSelect the source.Press and holduntil “SEE YOU”appears on the display.FMCDNote:When you use this unit for the first time, set the built-inclock

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ENGLISHRADIO OPERATIONSFMCDSSMAMMOListening to the radioYou can use either automatic searching or manualsearching to tune in to a particular station.Searching a station automatically:Auto search1RPTRNDMODESCMTo stop searching before a station is received,press the same button you have pressed forsearching.Searching a station manually:Manual search1Select the band (FM 1 – 3, AM).Select the band (FM 1 – 3, AM).FMFMFM1FM2FM3AMAMAMAMSelectedband appearsFM1FM2FM3Note:This receiver has three FM ba

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Tune in to a station you want while “M”(manual) is flashing.Press¢ to searchstations of higherfrequencies.to searchPress 4stations of lowerfrequencies.• If you release your finger from the button, themanual mode will automatically turn off after 5seconds.• If you hold down the button, the frequency keepschanging (in 50 kHz intervals for FM and 9 kHzintervals for AM) until you release the button.Storing stations in memoryYou can use one of the following two methods tostore broadcasting s

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ENGLISHManual presetYou can preset up to 6 stations in each band(FM1, FM2, FM3 and AM) manually.Ex: Storing an FM station of 92.5 MHz into thepreset number 1 of the FM1 band.1Select the band (FM1 – 3, AM) youwant to store FM stations into (inthis example, FM1).• Each time you press the button, the FMband changes as follows:FMFM1FM2FM3Notes:• A previously preset station is erased when a new stationis stored in the same preset number.• Preset stations are erased when the power supplyto the

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ENGLISHCD OPERATIONSFMCDSSMAMMOPlaying a CDInsert a disc into the loading slot.The unit turns on, drawsa CD and starts playbackautomatically.Note on One-Touch Operation:When a CD is already in the loading slot, pressing CDturns on the unit and starts playback automatically.The CD-in indicator flashesRPTRNDMODESCMNote:When a CD is inserted upside down, the CD automatically ejects.To stop play and eject the CDPress 0.CD play stops and the CD automatically ejectsfrom the loading slot.• If you cha

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ENGLISHLocating a track or a particular Selecting CD playback modesportion on a CDTo play back tracks at random (Random Play)To fast-forward or reverse the trackPress and hold¢,while playing a CD, to fastforward the track.Press and hold 4,while playing a CD, toreverse the track.You can play back all tracks on the CD at random.1 Press MODE to enter the functions modewhile playing a CD.2 Press RND (Random), while still in the functionsmode, so that the RND indicator lights up onthe display.Each t

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ENGLISHProhibiting CD ejectionYou can prohibit the CD ejection and can lock aCD in the loading slot.While pressing CD, press and hold 0 formore than 2 seconds.CD“EJECT” flashes on the display for about5 seconds, and the CD is locked and cannotbe ejected.To cancel the prohibition and unlock the CDWhile pressing CD, press and hold 0 again formore than 2 seconds.“EJECT” appears on the display, and the CD ejectsfrom the loading slot.The CD-in indicator flashes11EN09-11-KD-S5055[U]f119/4/03,

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ENGLISHSOUND ADJUSTMENTS2Adjusting the soundAdjust the levelYou can adjust the sound characteristics to yourpreference.1To increase the level.Select the item you want to adjust.To decrease the level.Each time you press thebutton, the adjustableitems change as follows:Ex.: when you adjust “TRE” (treble)IndicationTo do:RangeBAS(Bass)Adjust the bass.–06 (min.)|+06 (max.)TRE(Treble)Adjust the treble.–06 (min.)|+06 (max.)FAD(Fader)*Adjust the frontand rear speakerbalance.R06 (Rear only)|F06 (

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Recalling the sound modesWhen “SCM LINK” is set to “LINK ON,”select the source.You can select and store a preset sound adjustmentsuitable to each playback source. (Advanced SCM)Selecting and storing the sound modesOnce you select a sound mode, it is stored inmemory. It will be recalled every time you selectthe same source and will be shown on the display.A sound mode can be stored for each of thefollowing sources — FM1, FM2, FM3, AM, and CD.• If you do not want to store the sound mod

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ENGLISHStoring your own soundadjustmentsYou can adjust the sound modes (BEAT, SOFT,POP: see page 13) to your preference and storeyour own adjustments in memory.• There is a time limit in doing the followingprocedure. If the setting is cancelled before youfinish, start from step 1 again.15To turn on/off the loudness function.See page 12 for details.6Call up the sound mode you want toadjust.Press and hold SCM until the soundmode you have selected in step 1flashes on the display.Your adjustment m

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Setting the clock1Press and hold SEL (Select) for morethan 2 seconds.“CLOCK H”, “CLOCK M”, “SCM LINK” or“LEVEL” appears on the display.2Set the hour.1 Select “CLOCK H” if not shown on thedisplay.2 Adjust the hour.12Cancelling Advanced SCM– SCM LINKYou can cancel the Advanced SCM (Sound ControlMemory), and unlink the sound modes and theplayback sources.When shipped from the factory, a different soundmode can be stored in memory for each source sothat you can change the sound

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ENGLISHSelecting the level display3Select the desired mode — “VOL 1”,“VOL 2” or “OFF”.You can select the level display according to yourpreference.When shipped from the factory, “VOL 2” is selected.VOL 1 : Shows the volume level indicator.VOL 2 : Alternates “VOL 1” setting andillumination display.OFF: Erases the volume level indicator.14Press SEL (select) to finish the setting.Press and hold SEL (Select) for morethan 2 seconds.“CLOCK H”, “CLOCK M”, “SCM LINK” or

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You can detach the control panel when leaving thecar.When detaching or attaching the control panel, becareful not to damage the connectors on the backof the control panel and on the panel holder.Attaching the control panel1Insert the left side of the control panelinto the groove on the panel holder.ENGLISHDetaching the control panelDetaching the control panelBefore detaching the control panel, be sure toturn off the power.12Unlock the control panel.2Press the right side of the controlpanel to fi

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ENGLISHMAINTENANCEHandling discsWhen playing a CD-RThis unit has been designed to reproduce CDsand CD-Rs (Recordable).• This unit is not compatible with MP3 discs.How to handle discsWhen removing a disc fromCenter holderits case, press down thecenter holder of the caseand lift the disc out,holding it by the edges.• Always hold the disc by the edges.Do not touch its recording surface.When storing a disc into its case, gently insertthe disc around the center holder (with theprinted surface fac

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What appears to be trouble is not always serious. Check the following points before calling a servicecenter.SymptomsCausesThe volume level is set to the Adjust it to the optimum level.minimum level.Connections are incorrect.Check the cords andconnections.• This unit does not work atall.The built-in microcomputermay have functionedincorrectly due to noise, etc.While holding SEL (Select),press(Standby/On Attenuator) for morethan 2 seconds to reset the unit.(The clock setting and presetstations s

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ENGLISHSPECIFICATIONSAUDIO AMPLIFIER SECTIONCD PLAYER SECTIONMaximum Power Output:Front: 45 watts per channelRear: 45 watts per channelContinuous Power Output (RMS):Front: 17 watts per channel into 4 Ω,40 Hz to 20 000 Hz at no more than0.8% total harmonic distortion.Rear: 17 watts per channel into 4 Ω,40 Hz to 20 000 Hz at no more than0.8% total harmonic distortion.Load Impedance: 4 Ω (4 Ω to 8 Ω allowance)Tone Control RangeBass: ±10 dB at 100 HzTreble: ±10 dB at 10 kHzFrequency Resp