Philips FWM387/12 Home Theater System Kullanım Kılavuzu

Kullanım Kılavuzu için aygıtı Philips FWM387/12 Home Theater System

Philips FWM387/12 Home Theater System Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Register your product and get support atFWM387/12EN User manualFR Mode d’emploiDA BrugervejledningITDE BenutzerhandbuchNL GebruiksaanwijzingES Manual del usuarioSV AnvändarhandbokFWM387_DFU_ENG_12.indd1Manuale utente1/16/200911:06:38 AM

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1 Important2SafetyNotice232 Your Mini Hi-Fi SystemIntroductionWhat’s in the boxOverview of the main unitOverview of the remote control3 Get startedConnect speakersConnect FM antennaConnect MW antennaConnect powerPrepare the remote controlAuto install radio stationsSet clockTurn on4 Play5556810101010111111121213Play discPlay from USBPlay tapePlay from an external device5 Play optionsRepeat and random playProgram tracksDisplay play information131313147 Listen to radio17Tune to a radio stationPro

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1 ImportantSafetya Read these instructions.b Keep these instructions.c Heed all warnings.d Follow all instructions.e Do not use this apparatus near water.f Clean only with dry cloth.g Do not block any ventilation openings.Install in accordance with themanufacturer’s instructions.h Do not install near any heat sourcessuch as radiators, heat registers, stoves,or other apparatus (including amplifiers)that produce heat.i Protect the power cord from beingwalked on or pinched, particularly atplugs,

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EnglishRecyclingWarning• Never remove the casing of this apparatus.• Never lubricate any part of this apparatus.• Never place this apparatus on other electricalequipment.• Keep this apparatus away from direct sunlight, nakedflames or heat.• Never look into the laser beam inside this apparatus.• Ensure that you always have easy access to the powercord, plug or adaptor to disconnect this apparatusfrom the power.NoticeThis product complies with the radiointerference requirements of the

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disposal of batteries helps prevent potentiallynegative consequences on the environmentand human health.Environmental informationAll unnecessary packaging has been omitted.We have tried to make the packaging easy toseparate into three materials: cardboard (box),polystyrene foam (buffer) and polyethylene(bags, protective foam sheet.)Your system consists of materials which canbe recycled and reused if disassembled bya specialized company. Please observe thelocal regulations regarding the disposal

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Congratulations on your purchase, andwelcome to Philips! To fully benefit from thesupport that Philips offers, register your productat’s in the boxEnglish2 Your Mini Hi-FiSystemCheck and identify the contents of yourpackage:• Main unit x 1• AC power cable x 1• Loudspeaker box x 2• Remote control with 2 AAA batteries• FM wire antenna x 1• MW loop antenna x 1• MP3 link cable x 1IntroductionWith this unit, you can enjoy audio from discs,tapes, USB device

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Overview of the main unita Disc compartment doorb DISPLAY• Select display information.c ALBUM/PRESET+/• Skip to the previous/next album.• Select a preset radio station.• Adjust time.• Select 12 hour or 24 hour format.d•Stop play or erase a program.e MODE• Select repeat play or random play.f•Turn on the unit, switch to standbymode, or switch to Eco PowerStandby.g Source selection keys• Select a source.h DBB/IS• Turn on or off dynamic bassenhancement.• Turn on or off incredib

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l Tape deck operation•Start to record.•Start tape play.•/Fast rewind/wind the tape.•Stop the tape play or open the tapedoor.•Pause tape play or pause recording.w•Start or pause play.Englishk MP3 LINK• Audio input jack (3.5mm ) for anexternal audio device./x••••y iR•Skip to the previous/next track.Search within a track/ disc/USB.Tune to a radio station.Adjust time.Remote sensor.z Display panel• Show current status.m OPEN• Pull to open the tape button cover.n MIC LEVEL

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Overview of the remotecontrold MODE• Select repeat play or random play.e MAX• Turn on or off instant power boostfor sound./f••Search within a track/ disc/USB.Tune to a radio station./g••Skip to the previous/next track.Adjust time.h DSC• Select a preset sound equalizersetting.i•Stop play or erase a program.j ALB/PRESET+/• Skip to the previous/next album.• Select a preset radio station.• Adjust time.k MUTE• Mute volume.l Numeric keypad• Select a track from a disc directly

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Englishr VAC• Select an ambience-based equalisersetting.s SLEEP• Set the sleep timer.t TIMER• Set the alarm timer.ENFWM387_DFU_ENG_12.indd章节1:91/16/2009911:06:56 AM

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3 Get started••3CautionInsert the right speaker wires to “ R”,left speaker wires to “ L”.Insert the red wires and blue wiresto “+”, black wires to “-”.Release the socket flap.• Use of controls or adjustments or performance ofprocedures other than herein may result in hazardousradiation exposure or other unsafe operation.Always follow the instructions in this chapter insequence.If you contact Philips, you will be asked for themodel and serial number of this apparatus. Themod

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23Insert 2 AAA batteries with correctpolarity (+/-) as indicated.EnglishConnect powerClose the battery compartment.312Note• If you are not going to use the remote control for along time, remove the batteries.• Do not use old and new or different types of batteriesCautionin combination.• Risk of product damage! Ensure that the power supply•• Batteries contain chemical substances, so they shouldbe disposed of properly.voltage corresponds to the voltage set on the voltageselector on the b

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Set clock123456In the standby mode, press DISPLAY/CLOCK to activate the clock settingmode.» The 12 hour or 24 hour format isdisplayed.Press ALB/PRESET+/- repeatedly toselect 12 hour or 24 hour format.Press DISPLAY/CLOCK to confirm.» The clock digits are displayed andbegin to blink.Press ALB/PRESET+/- to set the hour.Press / to set the minute.Press DISPLAY/CLOCK to confirm.Tip• To view the clock during play, press DISPLAY/CLOCK .Turn on1Press POWER .» The unit switches to the last selectedso

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4 PlayEnglishPlay from USBPlay disc1Press DISC 1/2/3 to select the discsource.2Press OPEN/CLOSE on the main unit toopen the disc compartment.3Load up to two discs on the disc trays,with the printed side facing up• To load the third disc, press DISCCHANGE on the main unit to rotateto the disc tray.Note• Ensure that the USB device contains playable audio21contents for supported formats. (see ‘USB playabilityinformation’ on page 20)2451Press OPEN/CLOSE on the main unit toclose the disc comp

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2345Pull at OPEN on the front panel toopen the tape button cover.Pressto open the tape door.Load the tape with the open sidedownward and the full spool to the left.Press to start play.• To pause/resume play, press .• To fast rewind or wind the tape,press / .• To stop play, press.Play from an external deviceYou can also listen to an external audio devicethrough this unit.12314Press MP3-LINK to select the MP3 linksource.Connect the supplied MP3 link cable to:• the MP3 LINK jack (3.5mm) on

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Display play information1Repeat and random play12English5 Play optionsDuring play, press DISPLAY/CLOCKrepeatedly to select different playinformation.Press MODE repeatedly to select:•: the current track is playedrepeatedly.•: all tracks are played repeatedly.•: all tracks are playedrandomly and repeatedly.•: all tracks are played randomly.To return to normal play, press MODErepeatedly until play mode is no longerdisplayed.Tip• Shuffle play cannot be selected when you playprogrammed trac

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6 Adjust volumelevel and soundeffectNote• MAX sound and DSC (Digital Sound Control) cannotbe activated at the same time.••Enhance bassThe best DBB (Dynamic Bass Enhancement)setting is generated automatically for eachDSC selection. You can manually select theDBB setting that best suits your listeningenvironment.1Adjust volume level1[TECHNO] (techno)[OPTIMAL] (optimal)During play, press VOL +/- to increase/decrease the volume level.During play, press DBB/IS repeatedly toselect:• DBB 1• D

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2Tune to a radio station312Press TUN repeatedly to select FM orMW.Press and hold / for more than 2seconds.» [SEARCH] (search) is displayed.4» The radio tunes to a station withstrong reception automatically.3Repeat step 2 to tune to more stations.• To tune to a weak station, press/ repeatedly until you find optimalreception.Program radio stationsautomaticallyYou can program a maximum of 40 presetradio stations.1In the tuner mode, press and hold PROGfor more than 2 seconds to activateautomatic

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8 RecordRecord from radio to tape12Note• To record, use only “Normal” (IEC type I) tapes onwhich the write-protect notches (tabs) are not broken.• When you play or record a tape, the sound sourcecannot be changed.Auto record from CD totape123456345Tune to the desired radio station. (see‘Tune to a radio station’ on page 17 )Pull at OPEN on the front panel toopen the tape button cover.Pressto open the tape door.Load a tape.Pressto start recording.• To pause recording, press . Toresum

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Set the alarm timerSet the sleep timerThis unit can switch to standby automaticallyafter a set period of time.1This unit can be used as an alarm clock. Thedisc, radio or USB is activated to play at apreset time.12345678Ensure that you have set the clockcorrectly. (see ‘Set clock’ on page 12)Press POWER to switch to standbymode.Press and hold TIMER for more than 2seconds.» A prompt to select the source isdisplayed.Press DISC 1/2/3, or TUN or USB toselect a source.Press TIMER to confirm.» Th