MB QUART ALX65IW Speaker System Kullanım Kılavuzu

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MB QUART ALX65IW Speaker System Kullanım Kılavuzu

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ALEXXA SERIESMB QUART IN-CEILING / IN-WALL SPEAKER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSThank you for purchasing the MB QUART In-Ceiling / In-Wall speaker system.To ensure proper installation and operation of the speakers, please follow the manual carefullyand thoroughly.- Be sure to follow the directions carefully and in the order provided below.- Do not discard the manual. You will need this for future removal and installation.- Be sure to adhere to all of the safety and caution tips through out the manua

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3. Use a drywall saw or other appropriate tool to carefully cut out the speaker holes. The cut-out is theexact size required for the speaker. You also can go as much as 1/4” over this size as “Mistake Room”.4. Connect the speaker wires (18 gauge wire not supplied) to the speakers as shown in DIAGRAM 2.(Be sure to get the + and - polarity correct)5. Place the speaker into the speaker opening and using a # 2 phillips screw driver, turn the Dog-Earfastening screws clockwise (be sure to suppor

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DIAGRAM 3Dog EarClamps(1A)Dog EarClamps(1B)Dry Wall or Ceiling TileDog Ear ScrewNote: As you turn the Dog-Ear screws clockwise, theDog-Ear Clamps will swing out away from the speaker (1A).Continue to turn the screw and the Dog-Ear Clamps willLower down until they reach the mounting surface (1B)Speakerconnector_+ To amplifier orsurround receiverHP LPMBQUARTHIGH PASS / LOW PASSSWITCH+Dog Ear ClampsAdjustment Screws3+Note: The Point Source speakersonly have 2 Dog-Ear Clamp screws

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IN-WALL SPEAKER PLACEMENT (ALX5.25IW / ALX6.5IW / ALX8.0IW)These speakers are designed to operate in a standard drywall or wood paneling type wall.The In-Wall speakers may also be used for front left and right main speakers or even a center channel.You can mount the speakers in a vertical or horizontal position depending on the limitations of the wall.1. Choose mounting locations that are an equal distance left and right of the listening area as shownin DIAGRAM 4.2. Use the speaker cut-out templ

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DIAGRAM 5(1B)Dog EarClampTo amplifier orsurround soundreceiver 8-OhmsDog EarClamp(1A)5Note: As you turn the Dog-Ear screws clockwise, theDog-Ear Clamps will swing out away from the speaker (1A).Continue to turn the screw and the Dog-Ear Clampss willLower down until they reach the mounting surface (1B)DIAGRAM 6DrywallDog Ear Screw

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ADDITIONAL INSTALLATION AND OPERATIONAL INFORMATION- If you do not have the installation cut-out template, the cut-out dimensions are also located on thespeaker label located on the side of the speaker. You can also down load the template by going to our website at: www.maxxsonics.com- The speaker trim bezels and grilles can also be spray painted.There is a paint shield located in the speaker kit to prevent from getting paint on the speaker cone.Tip: Do not use roll-on paint because it will fill

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5-Year Limited WarrantyDomestic Warranty ( U.S.A. AND CANADA ONLY )The MB Quart Home Audio Speaker warranty for In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers is valid only for consumers inthe United States or Canada.MB QUART, Maxxsonics Europe GmHb ("MB QUART") warrants this product to be free from defects inworkmanship and materials (subject to the below terms) for a period of ( five) 5-years from the date of originalpurchase to the original purchaser. During the Warranty period, MB QUART will repair or repl