Carson SA-500-16 14V Stereo Amplifier Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Carson SA-500-16 14V Stereo Amplifier Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Carson Manufacturing Co., Inc.5451 North Rural StreetIndianapolis, IN 46220Phone: (888) 577-6877 Fax: (317) 254-2667www.carsonsirens.comTECHNICAL BULLETINSA-500VOLUMEYELPWAILMAN/PHSRHORNRADPASTBYRADIOOFFONINSTALLATION ANDOPERATING MANUALSA-500-16 14VSPECIAL PROGRAMMED WITH YELP OVERRIDEON THE MAN/PHSR BUTTONCarson is a trademark of Carson Manufacturing Company, Inc.Sound Hazard - Sound level from siren speaker (>120dBA @ 10 feet) may cause hearing damage.Do not operate siren without adequate hea

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SA-500-16AMPLIFIER INPUT POWER:SIREN MODEOUTPUT POWER:AUDIO MODEOUTPUT POWER:SIRENFREQUENCY:CYCLE RATES:AUDIORESPONSE:SPECIFICATIONS9-16 Volts DC, 8 Amps DC per 100W Speaker15 VDC input, 100W speaker(s)One speaker – 105 Watts RMSTwo speakers - 180 Watts RMS14 VDC input, 100W speaker(s)One speaker – 40 Watts RMSTwo speakers - 80 Watts RMS700Hz - 1450Hz NominalWAIL - 15 cycles/minYELP - 210 cycles/minPHASER - 15 cycle/secTWO-TONE – 1 cycle/min200Hz - 10KHz +/-3dbHarmonic Distortion Less than

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INSTALLATIONProper installation of the unit is essential for years of safe, reliable operation. Please read all instruction beforeinstalling the unit. Failure to follow these instructions can cause serious damage to the unit or vehicle and may voidwarranties.SAFETY PRECAUTIONSFor the safety of the installer, vehicle operator, passengers and the community please observe the following safetyprecautions. Failure to follow all safety precautions and instructions may result in property damage, injury

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FUSET-TAUX IPHSRCUT PAuxiliary Input Function - The auxiliary input normally activates the Hornfunction. To activate the Man/Phsr function with the auxiliary input cut thejumper resistor labeled "AUX I".AUX PINSTALLER-SELECTABLE OPTIONSCarefully cutting programming resistor jumpers or traces on the printed circuitboard inside the case can select various options. The cover must be removedto access the jumpers. The cover is held in place by a snap-fastener on theback of the unit. Hold the unit wit

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ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONSDisconnect vehicle battery before making any electrical connections.(2) #22 AWG BLUConnect to outputjac k, ter mi nals orspeaker of r adi o(2) #18 AWG BRN(#16 - 2 SPKR)2 - SPKR - C onnect forsame phase (+ to +)#22 AWG WHT (See below)#22 AWG GRN ( See bel ow)#14 AWG R EDUse s ec ond l eadfor 2 - SPKRRADIO+BAT-→→→→→→→→→→••••••••••#14 AWG BLKUse s ec ond l eadfor 2 - SPKRSPKRSPKRPOSPOSRADRADAUXCUTNEGNEGElectrical connections to the unit

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OPERATIONSound Hazard - Sound level from siren speaker (>120dBA @ 10 feet) may cause hearing damage.Do not operate siren without adequate hearing protection for you and anyone in immediate vicinity.(Ref. OSHA 1910.95 for occupational noise exposure guidelines)The OFF/ON Rocker Power Switch controls the siren power. The siren may be left on any time the vehicle is inoperation. The power should be turned off when vehicle is not being used to conserve battery power.The Rotary Function Switch select

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SERVICEThis unit is designed to provide years of reliable service under even the worst conditions. Many times there mayappear to be a problem with the unit when the true problem is in the speaker(s), controlled devices, or improperinstallation. The following chart shows typical symptoms and possible causes.A blown internal fuse doesn't necessarily mean that the unit is bad. If a speaker or speaker lead is shorted this fusewill blow before the unit is damaged. Disconnect the SPKR leads and replac

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PARTS61018SA-5004VOLUMEYELPWAILMAN/PHSRHORNRADPASTBYRADIOOFFON7952113Item1234567891011Part #CP3966CP3571CP4686CP4687-10CP4688-10CP4684CP4680-1ATO/ATC 20ACP4702CP4835CP3570CP3633SR-15-1CP4685CP3962CP4683CP4119DescriptionBolt, mounting, 1/4-20 X 3/8 (2 required)Bracket, mountingButton, white (for pushbutton switch) (substitute CP4837 red button)Connector, 10-P headerConnector, 10-P terminal block plugControl, volume, PA or RAD (1K ohm)Cover with stud (does not include CP4679 Chassis)Fuse, 20A Auto