SWR Sound 350 Stereo Amplifier Kullanım Kılavuzu

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SWR Sound 350 Stereo Amplifier Kullanım Kılavuzu

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SWRBASS 350USER GUIDESWR© 2001 SWR8860 E. Chaparral Rd. Suite 100Scottsdale, AZ 85250-2618 USAPHONE: (480) 596-9690FAX: (480) 367-5262EMAIL: custserve@fenderusa.comWEB: swrsound.com

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSCAUTION: TO REDUCE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE THE COVER OR BACK.NO USER-SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. PLEASE REFER TO A QUALIFIED SERVICE TECHNICIAN.A. Read Instructions: All safety and operation instructions should be read before the product is operated.B. Retain Instructions: The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference.C. Heed Warnings: All of the warnings on this product and in the operating instructions should be adhered t

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SWR BASS 350 USER GUIDEINTRODUCTIONThe SWR Bass 350 Bass Amplifier was designed for the player whoprefers a simple and straightforward preamp combined with a poweramp capable of delivering enough power and headroom for most liveapplications. The Bass 350 maintains the same quality componentsand materials found in all SWR products and is assembled by hand atour factory in California.The two preamp gain stages utilize a specially-selected Groove Tubes12AX7A. The tone controls incorporate ICs and t

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SWR BASS 350 — SPECIFICATIONSNote: All measurements were taken with a line voltage of 120VAC. All noise specifications are“unweighted.” All voltages and watts are “RMS.” All measurements were taken with tone controlsset flat, Aural Enhancer at minimum.POWER (minimum)450 Watts @ 2 ohms350 Watts @ 4 ohms240 Watts @ 8 ohmsFREQUENCY RESPONSE (Power Amplifier)–3dB @ 20 Hz and 40 kHzSENSITIVITY (full output under clipping, 8 ohms load, 100 Hz)Passive Input Jack: 38 millivoltsActive Input J

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Note: If you want to overdrive the first TUBE stage, use an external preamp between yourinstrument and the Passive input. To obtain optimum sound when trying this, make sure thepreamp clip LED is not activated. If this occurs, turn down your Gain control until the LEDdoes not light. The first preamp tube stage is NOT monitored by the preamp clip circuit forthis reason.ACTIVE INPUTThe Active input jack should be used with instruments having a built-in (on board) preamp or othersound sources that

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ACTIVE TONE CONTROL SECTIONBASS CONTROLThe Bass Control employs a shelving type circuit and boosts or cuts the bass response +/–15dB,from about 30 Hz to 100 Hz. Starting at mid-center click-position, turning the control counterclockwise cuts the bass response and turning the control clockwise boosts the bass response.MID RANGE SECTIONLEVEL CONTROLThe Level control cuts or boosts the frequency set by the Frequency control. Starting at mid-position, turning the Level control counter clockwise cu

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The Effects Blend functions only when the Effects Loop is being used. It is activated when a 1/4"phone plug is inserted into the Effects Receive jack (see the “Effects Loop” section for moreinformation).Note: Pulling the Effects Blend control knob outward defeats the internal limiter circuit. Toactivate the limiter, push the control in.MASTER VOLUMEThe Master Volume adjusts the level being sent to the power amplifier in your Bass 350—it controls the overall volume of the unit. It does not

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REAR PANEL FEATURESBALANCED XLR OUTThe Balanced XLR out is a true electronically balanced record out. The signal appearing at theXLR out is governed by the position of the Line/Direct switch. In the LINE position, all front panelcontrols are functional except the Master Volume, and the signal is essentially the same as thatheard through your speaker system. The output level in the Line position is adjusted by the GAINcontrol on the front panel. If you are using an effect, this will also appear m

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SENDRun a shielded patch cord from the SEND jack to the INPUT of your effects unit. The outputimpedance of the Effects Send Jack is 100 ohms. This jack can be used as a line level output foruse in conjunction with a slave power amp such as SWR’s Power 750. It may also be used as anunbalanced record out.RECEIVERun a shielded patch cord from the Bass 350 RECEIVE jack to the OUTPUT jack of your effects unit.All patch cords used with effects should be as short as possible and should be routed as d

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Recommended SWR Speaker combinations for use with the Bass 350 include:• (2) Goliath IIIs• (2) Goliath Junior IIIs (8 ohm version)• (2) Son Of Berthas• (1) Goliath Junior III & (1) Son Of Bertha• (1) Goliath Junior III & (1) Big Ben• (1) Goliath III & (1) Goliath Junior IIISPEAKER FUSEThe speaker fuse is provided to protect your speakers in the unlikely event of a power amp failureor to protect your power amplifier from incorrect speaker impedances or hookups. Size and ratingof the f

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SWR BASS 350 — SUGGESTED SETTINGSAuralEnhancerminmaxMidrangeBassLevelFrequencyTreble050000+15-15+15-15200800+15-15ROCKAuralEnhancerminmaxMidrangeBassLevelFrequencyTreble050000+15-15+15-15200800+15-15REGGAEAuralEnhancerminmaxMidrangeBassLevelFrequencyTreble050000+15-15+15-15200800+15-15JAZZAuralEnhancerminmaxMidrangeBassLevelFrequencyTreble050000+15-15+15-15200800+15-15SLAPAuralEnhancerminmaxMidrangeBassLevelFrequencyTreble050000-15+15-15+15200800-15+15STUDIOBASS 350 USER GUIDE9

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BASS 350 LIMITED WARRANTYThe BASS 350 from FMIC is warranted to the original consumer purchaser for TWO YEARS from thedate of purchase, against defects in materials and workmanship and provided that it is purchased froman Authorized SWR Dealer. This warranty applies only to products purchased in the USA or Canada.This warranty is VOID if the unit has been damaged due to accident, improper handling, installation oroperation, shipping damage, abuse or misuse, unauthorized repair or attempted repai