Dimplex LA 12TR Heat Pump Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Dimplex LA 12TR Heat Pump Kullanım Kılavuzu

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CEINSTALLATION and OPERATINGINSTRUCTIONSAir-to-Water Heat Pumpfor Outdoor installationLA 6MRLA 8MRLA 10MROrder No.: 452159.67.07LA 12TRLA 16TRFD 8602

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CONTENTS1READ IMMEDIATELY31.11.21.3Important InformationLegal Provisions and GuidelinesEnergy-Efficient Use of the Heat Pump2PURPOSE OF HEAT PUMP2.12.2Field of ApplicationPrinciple of Operation3SCOPE OF DELIVERY3.13.2Baseline UnitControl Box4TRANSPORT55INSTALLATION55.15.2GeneralCondensate Line6MOUNTING6.16.26.3GeneralHeating-Side ConnectionElectrical Connection7COMMISSIONING7.17.27.3GeneralPreparatory StepsProcedure8FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION8. Pump Remote Control UnitControl BoardH

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READ IMMEDIATELY1READ IMMEDIATELY1.2 Legal Provisions and Guidelines1.1 Important InformationThis heat pump was designed and built incompliance with all relevant EU directives, DIN andVDE regulations (see CE Declaration of Conformity).CAUTION!The electrical connection of the heat pump must beperformed according to and conforming with all relevant VDE, EN and IEC standards. Beyond that, alltechnical connection requirements of the localelectrical utility company have to be adhered to.Do not open t

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PURPOSE OF HEAT PUMPSCOPE OF DELIVERY23PURPOSE OF HEATPUMP2.1 Field of ApplicationSCOPE OF DELIVERY3.1 Baseline UnitThe heat pump is deliverd as a compact unitcontaining the components listed below.The air-to-water heat pump is intended for use inexisting or newly built heating systems.The refrigerant used is R407C.The heat pump is designed for the cooling or heatingof water for heating purposes and the supply ofdomestic hot water!123The heat pump is suitable for mono-energetic andbivalent opera

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TRANSPORTINSTALLATION45TRANSPORTCAUTION!INSTALLATION5.1 GeneralThe unit should always be installed on apermanently level, smooth and horizontal floor. Thebase frame (with its contact surfaces) should makeclose contact with the floor in order to prevent anystructure-borne noise from being transmitted. If thisis not possible, additional sound-absorbingmeasures might become necessary. It must bepossible to carry out servicing activities without anyproblems. This is assured if a clearance of 1.2m is

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MOUNTING66.3 Electrical ConnectionMOUNTING6.1 GeneralThe power connection of the heat pump is effectedvia a standard 3-core (for 1-phase units) or a 5-core(for 3-phase units) cable.The following connections need to be establishedon the heat pump:In the case of the 1-phase units, an additional 3-corecable must be installed for the electric back-up heater.-The cable(s) has (have) to be supplied by the client;the cross-sectional area is to be selected inaccordance with the power consumption of the

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COMMISSIONING7COMMISSIONINGHeat source temperaturefromto7.1 GeneralTo ensure proper commissioning it should becarried out by an after-sales service authorized bythe manufacturer. Only then can an extendedwarranty period of 3 years in total be granted (cf.Warranty service).7.2 Preparatory StepsPrior to commissioning, the following items need tobe checked:- In the heating circuit all valves that could impairthe proper heating water flow must be open.pathmust-20 °C-15 °C-14 °C-10 °C4K5K-9 °C-5

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FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION88.2 Control BoardFUNCTIONALDESCRIPTION8.1 Heat Pump Remote Control UnitThe heat pump can be switched on and off by meansof the remote control positioned inside the building.Switching off in this case means switching to a"standby" function, i.e. as long as the heat pump issupplied with mains power, the frost protectionfunction of the heat pump remains active. If the watertemperature is too low, first the heating circulatingpump, and if this is not enough, also the compresso

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FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTIONCLEANING / CARE8.4 Cooling Function9Place switch (1) in position On (I) to put heat pumpinto operation. The cooling mode can bepreselected by placing switch (2) to the Cooling( ) position. The desired return temperature canbe set using selector dial (4), the relevant call forheat is controlled by the potentiometer and lieswithin a range of min. 12 °C and max. 25 °C. Whenthe preset temperature is reached, the heat pumpswitches off. Once the return temperature exceedsthe pr

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CLEANING / CAREMALFUNCTIONS / TROUBLESHOOTINGDECOMMISSIONINGCaution - Heating ContractorsThe preset temperature level cannot be reached!Please check whetherDepending on the water quality and quantity, inparticular in the case of mixed installations andplastic pipes, mineral deposits (rust sludge, lime)may form impairing the proper functioning of theheating installation. A cause of this is the waterhardness as well as oxygen dissolved in the fillingwater as well as additional oxygen from the air

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APPENDIX12APPENDIX12.1DIMENSIONED DRAWING1212.2EQUIPMENT DATA1312.3SCHEMATICS12. mode LA 6MRCooling mode LA 6MRHeating mode LA 8MRCooling mode LA 8MRHeating mode LA 10MRCooling mode LA 10MRHeating mode LA 12TRCooling mode LA 12TRHeating mode LA 16TRCooling mode LA 16TR12.4WIRING DIAGRAMS12. LA 6MR-LA 10MRLoad LA 6MR-LA 10MRTerminal Diagram LA 6MR-LA 10MRLegend LA 6MR-LA 10MRContro

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12Electr.connection box(inspection side)35 (circumferential)Air discharge endCondensate drainDirection of air flow( Base frame )Condensate tube(plastic)Appliance contact surfaces(stainless steel)Condensate drainFeed-throughElectric linesHeating waterReturnG 1” external threadHeating waterSupplyG 1” external threadto sewerSoilCondensate panAPPENDIX: 12.1 DIMENSIONED DRAWINGDimensioned Drawing

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APPENDIX: 12.2 EQUIPMENT DATAEquipment DataEQUIPMENT DATA for air-to-water heat pumps for heating1TYPE AND COMMERCIAL DESCRIPTIONLA06MRNLA08MRNLA10MRNLA12TRNLA16TRN2MODEL2.1Typereversiblereversiblereversiblereversiblereversible2.2Enclosure type acc. to EN 60 529 for compact unit and/or heating elementIP 24IP 24IP 24IP 24IP 242.3Installation siteoutdoorsoutdoorsoutdoorsoutdoorsoutdoors3PERFORMANCE DATA3.1Operating temperature limits:Heating water supply / return°C / °Cmax.60/min.18max.60/min.18

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APPENDIX: 12.3 SCHEMATICS12.3.1 Heating mode LA 6MR11Water outlet temperature in [°C]Wasseraustrittstemperaturin [°C]Heating capacityin [kW]Heizleistungin [kW]1035Bedingungen:Conditions:Heating water flow rate1,11.1 m³/hm3/hHeizwasserdurchsatz95087654403210-20-1001020Power consumption (incl.input to pump)Leistungsaufnahme(incl.powerPumpenleistungsanteil)3Pressure lossinin[Pa][Pa]Druckverlust20000504023040Lufteintrittstemperatur[°C]Air inlet temperature in [°C]180003516000CondenserVerflüssi

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APPENDIX: 12.3 SCHEMATICS12.3.2 Cooling mode LA 6MR14Wasseraustrittstemperatur[°C]Water outlet temperature in in[°C]Cooling capacityin [kW]Kühlleistungin [kW]12Bedingungen:Conditions:Water flow rate 1.11,1m3/hWasserdurchsatzm³/h108186842010415202530Power consumption (incl.input to pump)Leistungsaufnahme(incl.powerPumpenleistungsanteil)35404550Lufteintrittstemperatur[°C]Air inlet temperature in [°C]Pressurelossinin [Pa][Pa]Druckverlust200001831800082160001140000120001076543210VerflüssigerC

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APPENDIX: 12.3 SCHEMATICS12.3.3 Heating mode LA 8MR13Water outlet temperature in [°C]Wasseraustrittstemperaturin [°C]Heating capacityin [kW]Heizleistungin [kW]123511Bedingungen:Conditions:Heating water flow rate1,31.3m³/hm3/hHeizwasserdurchsatz1050987654043210-20-10010Power consumption (incl.input to pump)Leistungsaufnahme(incl.powerPumpenleistungsanteil)43160003523040Air inlet temperature in [°C]Lufteintrittstemperatur[°C]Pressurelossinin[Pa][Pa]Druckverlust18000504020CondenserVerflüssige

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APPENDIX: 12.3 SCHEMATICS12.3.4 Cooling mode LA 8MR18Wasseraustrittstemperaturin [°C]Water outlet temperature in [°C]Cooling capacityin [kW]Kühlleistungin [kW]16Bedingungen:Conditions:Water flow rate 1.3 1,3m3/hm³/hWasserdurchsatz1412101888642010415202530Powerconsumption (incl.powerinput to pump)Leistungsaufnahme(incl.Pumpenleistungsanteil)3518000404550LufteintrittstemperaturAir inlet temperatureinin[°C][°C]Druckverlustin [Pa]Pressureloss in [Pa]1838160002VerflüssigerCondenser140001120000

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APPENDIX: 12.3 SCHEMATICS12.3.5 Heating mode LA 10MR16Water outlet temperature in [°C]Wasseraustrittstemperaturin [°C]Heating capacityin [kW]Heizleistungin [kW]3514Bedingungen:Conditions:Heating water flow rate1,51.5m³/hm3/hHeizwasserdurchsatz5012108640420-20-10010Power consumption (incl.input to pump)Leistungsaufnahme(incl.powerPumpenleistungsanteil)4403040Air inlet temperature in [°C]Lufteintrittstemperatur[°C]Pressure lossinin[Pa][Pa]Druckverlust180005032016000352CondenserVerflüssiger14

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APPENDIX: 12.3 SCHEMATICS12.3.6 Cooling mode LA 10MR22Water outlet temperature in [°C]Wasseraustrittstemperaturin [°C]Cooling capacity[kW]Kühlleistungin in[kW]20Bedingungen:Conditions:3Water flow rate 1.5 m/h m³/hWasserdurchsatz1,518161412101888642010515202530Powerconsumption (incl.powerinput to pump)Leistungsaufnahme(incl.Pumpenleistungsanteil)35404550Lufteintrittstemperaturin[°C]Air inlet temperature in [°C]Pressureloss in [Pa]Druckverlustin [Pa]180001848160003CondenserVerflüssiger14000

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APPENDIX: 12.3 SCHEMATICS12.3.7 Heating mode LA 12TR22Water outlet temperature in in[°C]Wasseraustrittstemperatur[°C]Heating capacityin [kW]Heizleistungin [kW]352050Bedingungen:Conditions:HeizwasserdurchsatzHeating water flow rate1,71.7m³/hm3/h18161412108640420-20-1001020Leistungsaufnahme(incl.powerPumpenleistungsanteil)Power consumption (incl.input to pump)53040LufteintrittstemperaturAir inlet temperatureinin [°C][°C]DruckverlustPressurelossinin[Pa][Pa]180005040416000353VerflüssigerConden