Kenmore 116.28014 Vacuum Cleaner Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Kenmore 116.28014 Vacuum Cleaner Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Owner's ManualManual Del PropietarioVacuum CleanerAspiradora/Model,Modeio116.28014116.28015IMPORTANTBefore returning this productFor replacement parts, please contact:Sears Parts and Repair Center(1-800-4MY-HOME)(1-800-469-4663)Anytime, day or night(U.S.A, and Canada)For any_other issue, please contact:Vacuum Cleaner Help Line(1-877-531-7321)8:00am-5:00pm EST, M-F(U.S.A. and Canada)CAUTION:Read and follow allsafety and operatinginstructions before firstuse of this product.CUIDADO:Lea y siga toda

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Before Using Your NewVacuum Cleaner ......................Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner WarrantyImportant Safety Instructions.........Parts and Features ...................Canister2. ° o345-6Care........................t6Bag Changing ....................16Cleaning Exterior and Attachments .....16Motor Safety Filter Changing .........17Exhaust Filter Changing ............17-18Dirt Sensor18.......................AssemblyInstructions..................7-8Pet PowerMate • Storage ..............8Operating

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One Year Limited WarrantyWhen assembled, operated and maintained according to all instructions supplied withthe product, if this vacuum cleaner fails due to a defect in material or workmanship withinone year from the date of purchase, return it to any Sears store, Sears Parts & RepairCenter or other Kenmore out!et for free repair.If this vacuum cleaner is used for other than private family purposes, this warrantyapplies for only 90 days from the date of purchase.This warranty covers only defects

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Read all instructions in this manual before assembling or using your vacuum cleaner.WARNINGYour safety is important to us. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock,injury to persons or damage when using your vacuum cleaner, follow basicsaTety precautionsincluding the following.Use your vacuum cleaner only asdescribed in this manual° Use only withSears recommended attachments.Use extra care when cleaning on stairs. Donot put on chairs, tables, etc, Keep onfloor_Disconnect electrical supply b

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It is important to know your vacuum cleaner's parts and features to ensure its proper and safeuse. Review these before using your vacuum cleaner.ObjectStyle No.BeltCB-6Part No.Part USAin Canada..........HandleQuickReleaseButtonPowerMateiTelescopingWandWand LengthAdjust ButtonBeltWandQuickLift-OffFloorHeightHandleRelease Pedal.BrushIn dica forFloor BrushRelease PedalEdge Cleaner(Not Shown)Model/SerialPowerMate(On Bottom)NumbPile Heighter/OverloadProtector/BeltReset ButtonPedal--5

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HOSEATTACHMENTSCreviceElectronicTouch ControlHandlerool------_.Contour(_ J_._Brush-----_._Pet PowerMateICombination_Brush _,_.'_--- Dustingp____I_BrushFabricBrushL .........Hose SwivelCANISTERObjectStyle No,Dust BagExhaust"Fil'terQ''Motor safety Fi'lterEFqCF-iPart No.Part USAin Canada20-50557'20-8688920-B6883CordRewindButtonTool Storage Cover(AttachmentStora20-50410'20-4032420-4032!CordPerformanceStorageCanisterCover-P----ExhaustFilter Cover(Not Shown)HoodReleaseBag Holde!Carry HandleMotor

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Please pay special attention to these hazard alert boxes, and follow any instructions given. WARNING statements alert you to such dangers as fire, electricshock, burns and personal injury. CAUTION statements alert you to such dangersas personal injury and/or property damage., WARNINGElectricalShock HazardDO NOT plug into electrical supply untilassembly is complete. Failure to do socould result in electrical shock orinjury.Before assembling vacuum cleaner, checkthe PACKING LIST on the cover of th

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HOSECANISTER1. Open the canisterhood2. Check to see that the dust bag is properlyinstalled See BAG CHANGING forinstructions.1. Line up tl_e hoselatch tab and notchin canister hoodand insert hoseinto canister until itsnaps into place3. Check to see that the motor safety filter isproperly instalied See MOTOR SAFETYFILTER CHANGING for instructions.HOOD AND TOOLSTORAG E COVERTo remove: Do not open hood beforeremoving hose. With hood closed, lift hoselatch tab upward and pull on hose.2. Insert handle

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSWARNINGPersonalHazardInjuryand ProductDamageindicatorHandleReleaseALWAYS turn off the vacuum cleanerbefore unplugging.The cord moves rapidly whenrewinding. Keep children awayand provide a clear path whenrewinding the cord to preventpersonal injury.DO NOT use outlets1. Pull cord outof canister to_-', __iJdesired length.rewinduntilThecordwillthenotcord rewind button is pushe&NOTE: To reduce the risk of electric shock,this vacuum cleaner has a polarized plug;one blade is wider

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ELECTRONIC(_TOUCH CONTROLPowerLevel andSelection.-turns Theon boththeCanisterPowerMate,button cycles through HIGH, MEDIUM,and LOW power levets.5. Pressthe PowerLevelSelectionbutton to turn on boththe canisterandPowerMatemotors,The canister motor always starts in HIGHpower, Press the Power Level Selectionbutton as needed to adjust power level.POWER LEVELS:H - when lit indicates the canister motor isrunmng at HIGH power,.M - when lit indicates the canister motor isrunning at MEDIUMpower,.L - when

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SuggestedsweepingFor results,use Power LevelHIGH and fullyclose the suctioncontrol located onthe handle,For best cleaning action, the PowerMateshouId be pushed straig,_away from youand pulled straight bac_ot_t the end of eachpull stroke, the directio_/6f the PowerMateshould be changed to/_int into the nextsection to be cleane_.Fhis pattern shouldbe continued acros_t_e carpet with slow,WARNINGPersonal injury Hazard__,_.,,,___"_l_"Use care if canister is placed onstairs. It ma

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Forbest deepdowncleaning,usethe XLOsetting.However,you mayneedto raisetheheightto makesomejobseasier,suchasscatterrugsandsomedeeppilecarpets,andto preventthe vacuumcleanerfromshuttingoff.Suggestedsettingsare:HI - Shag,deeppile,or scatterrugs.MED- Mediumto deeppileoLO- Lowto mediumpile.XLO- Mostcarpetsandbarefloors.CAUTION2. Press wandmquick releasepedal with foot andpull the wandstraight up and outof PowerMatemDO NOT attach or remove handle orwands while vacuum cleaner is ON.This could cause spa

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LIFT-OFF FLOOR BRUSHTo replace, insertthe floor brushintothePowerMate untilfloor brush locksinto place.ii .......................WARNINGElectricalShock HazardTo reduce the risk of electric shock DO NOT use on wet surfaces.NOTE'DUSTING BRUSHTurn off vacuum cleaner beforeremoving floor brush from PowerMate.To assembleTo remove thedusting brush,insert the fabricbrush into thefloor brush,press brushrelease pedal onthe PowerMateoLift floor brushout ofPowerMate,dusting brushnozzle and pressinto placed

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RFORIINDICATORPERWARNINGvacuumrunningal airflow,on the_anceoff, The)mes onthebecomes blocked. If that occurs,the disposable dust bag, motorfilter and other possible clogshown in HOW YOUR VACUUMCLEANER WORKS.Personal Injury HazardAIways turn off and unplug the vacuumcleaner before cleaning the agitator areaas agitator may suddenly restart.Failure to do so can result in personalinjury.OVERLOADPROTECTORThe PowerMatehas built-inOverload Protector/Belt Resetprotection againstmotor and beltdamage shou

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STAIR GRIPDIRT SENSORDuring normal operation while the canister isin the horizontal position, the caster wheelrotates freely 360°°The dirt sensor light system ismounted on the handle, ttThe Stair Gripfeature allowsthe casterwheel to lock inIN OPERATION'i_ _i/, ¸_,!i_:z:!!i_B_IRE FLOORconsists of a red and a greenlight.;:OIRP_,When the vacuum cieaner is in use, the lightswilt change as dirt is being vacuumed. As longas the red light is on, dirt is passing throughthe handle to indicate that the

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CANISTER CAREFor best cleaning results, the dust bagshould be changed often. The electronicperformance indicator will come on whenthe bag needs to be changed or the airflowis blocked.NOTE: See PARTS AND FEATURES7. The red bag mount will flip forward afterremoving bag, This will prevent the hoodfrom closing until a new bag is installed.Note: DO NOT bend or crease the middleof the cardboard when installing the baginto the bag mount slots.forBag Number.8. Rotate red bagmount down and1. Turn off and

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WARNINGElectrical2. Lift the rubberShock Hazard__L"_-_._-'>.:_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_retainer and pull outmotor safety filter asshownTurn off and unplug vacuum cleanerfrom electrical outlet. Do not operatethe vacuum cleaner without the motorsafety filter. Be sure the filter is dry andproperly installed to prevent motorfailure and/or electrical shock.MOTOR SAFETYELECTROSTATICFILTERwhite side out,l_i_facing the dust bag,by sliding it backi!_!!IntoReplacethe l, _:; ¢_!i3.ace underthe fter,ribs in the b

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4. Replace the_Exhaustcartridge°Filter.Place6. While holdinglatch downrotate filter cove rthe new filter intoexhaustfilter withthe canisterthe foam sealtowards thecanister.into place.7. Release latch and verify that filter coveris locked into place°5. To replace theexhaust filtercover place thetwo tabs on thefilter cover intothe slots on thecanister,AIthough the dirt sensor feature in yourKenmore canister is designed for years oftrouble free use, the passage of dirt throughthe air passage syst

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POWERMATECAREAlways follow all safety precautionswhen performingmaintenanceto the PowerMate,I wARNING,CAUTIONMoving Parts! Toreduce the risk ofElectrical Shock Or Personal InjuryHazardpersonal injury, DONOT touch theAlways turn off and unplug vacuumcleaner before performing maintenanceto the vacuum cleaner. Failure to do socould result in electrical shock orpersonal injury from vacuum cleanerL_t%]suddenly .starting..........agitator when thevacuum cleaner isON. Contacting theagitator while it is

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TO CLEAN AGITATOR:NOTE: In order to keep cIeaning efficiencyhigh and to prevent damage to your vacuumcleaner, _must be cleaned everytime the belt is changed.2. Place agitatorassembly back intoPowerMate.The agitator must also be cleaned according to the following schedule:Vacuum CleanerUseHEAVY (used daily)MODERATE3. ReinstallClean Agitatoragitatorcover andevery week-replace two(2) screws.every month(used 2-3 times/week)LIGHT4. Line up front of cover and base° Restcover on front edge of base as