Whirlpool 3369089 Dishwasher Kullanım Kılavuzu

Kullanım Kılavuzu için aygıtı Whirlpool 3369089 Dishwasher

Whirlpool 3369089 Dishwasher Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Part No. 3369089IMPORTANT:Installer: Leave Installation Instructionswith the homeowner.Homeowner: Keep InstallationInstructions for future reference,Save Installation Instructions for localelectrical inspector’s use.UndercounterDishwasher

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Before you start.. .Proper installation is your responsibility,Make sure you have everythingnecessary for correct installation.It is the responsibility of the customerto contact a qualified installer toassure that the plumbing andelectrical installations are adequateand meet all national and local codesand ordinancesProper eiectncal, drain and watersupply lines must be avai!able or mustbe installed as specified within shadedarea. See Electrical, Water and DrainrequirementsPlumbing and wiringshou

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2. Run flexible, armored or nonmetallic sheathed, copper cable(with grounding wire) from the fuseddisconnect, circuit breaker orjunction box through the l/2” orlarger cabinet hole to thedishwasher location. The cable mustetiend 24” from the back wall.The hole cut through a woodcabinet should be sanded untilsmooth.The hole cut through a metal cabinet must be covered with a grommet (Part No. 3027971, available fromyour authorized dealer.A U-L.-listed strain relief or conduitconnector must be i

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Now start...with dishwasher,’in kitchen.T-1~cabinetwallIiv1waterSUPPlYpipe+5’*+Rough in water line to thedishwasher cabinet openingusing one of the routing methodsshown. Cut l/2-inch hole or larger incabinet wall for water line.2n-‘644Cut a l/2-inch or larger holeI in the cabinet or floor for theelectrical wiring to pass through. Ifthis hole is cut in a wood cabinet,sand the hole until it is smooth. If thehole is cut in a metal cabinet, thehole must be covered by a grommet(Part No. 3027971

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Recommendeddrain hoseconnectionmethods:Drain hose to air gap to waste tee.15Check door for properw operation. Door shouldclose easily without slamming andopen with its own weight. If necessary, close door and adjust bothdoor springs by moving spring endsto different holes in base.clearanceabovethapDo Not solder within 6” of plasticDrain hose to air gap to disposer.w at eTFailure to follow this instructioncould result in product damage.IO16Take a few minutes tow read the Use and CareGuide to fu

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To change doorcolor panel.To change accesscolor panel .-(For models(For modelsso equipped)so equipped)Personal Injury HazardHandle metal edges of panelscarefully.Cut metal edges maycause personal injury or damageto other materials.4.Hold door panel and spacer up.Insert trim piece and push downuntil it snaps in place. Slide doorpanel down.1Push up with thumbs nearw each end of the accesspanel top trim to unsnap the frontof trim. Remove the top trim andset it aside.II1Lift up at each end of the tr

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If thedishwasher isnot operatingproperly.. .Checklllllthese points:Is the door closed tightly analatched securely?Has the cycle been set correctlyto start the dishwasher?is the water turned on?Has a house fuse blown?Has electrical power beeninterrupted?Note: If the motor has stoppeabecause of overload, it willautomatically reset itself within a fewminutes. If after checking thesepoints the dishwasher still does notrun or complete a cycle, call forservice.Preparedby WhirlpoolCorporation.BentonHar