Scotsman Ice FME504 Ice Maker Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Scotsman Ice FME504 Ice Maker Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Installation andUser's Manual forFlake and Nugget Ice MachineModels FME504, FME804, NME454,NME654

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804INTRODUCTIONTo the owner or user: This manual is intended toprovide you with the information needed to install,start up, clean, and maintain this ice system.This is a modular ice system that fits a variety ofScotsman ice storage bins.Table of ContentsFOR THE INSTALLER · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·SAMPLE BIN AND MACHINE COMBINATIONS · · · · · · · ·FOR THE INSTALLER · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·FOR T

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804FOR THE INSTALLERThese machines fit the following Scotsmanproducts, check sales literature for other possiblecombinations:· SB480 and extensions (with bin top KBT18)· HTB555 or BH550 using bin top KBT14 orKBT20· BH801 using bin top KBT28· BH900 using bin top KBT24NME Dispenser ApplicationsThe NME models can be placed on and usedwith certain ice and ice-beverage dispensers.Kits are required for proper operation, see thefollowing list:Installation Limitations:This ice

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804SAMPLE BIN AND MACHINE COMBINATIONSFME804 ON BH550*The Nameplate is located onthe back of the machine.A Serial Number Plate islocated inside the cabinet,behind the front panel.NME654 ON BH801*FME804 ON BH900**Bin Top Kit RequiredJanuary 2007Page 3

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804FOR THE INSTALLERLocation:Install the machine be installed in a location whereit has enough space around it to be accessible forservice. A minimum of 6" must be allowed at theback and sides for air circulation on air cooledmodels. Try to avoid hot, dirty and crowdedlocations. Be sure that the location for the machineis within the environmental limitations.Storage Bin:Tip the storage bin on its back, using parts of thecarton to protect the exterior finish. Install the leg

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804FOR THE INSTALLER: LocationALLOW AIR SPACE ON BOTHSIDESTWO UNITS ON ONE BINALLOW ROOMFOR AIRCIRCULATIONAND SERVICEACCESSAirflow Notice:Air flow is in the sides and out the back.January 2007Page 5

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804FOR THE PLUMBERCONFORM TO ALL APPLICABLE CODESWater InletDrainsAir Cooled Models: Use 3 8" O.D. copper tubing toconnect cold potable water to the 3 8" male flarefitting at the back of the cabinet. Install a handvalve near the machine to control the water supply.Water Treatment: In most areas, a water filter ofsome type will be useful. In areas where the wateris highly concentrated with minerals the watershould be tested by a water treatment specialist,and the recommendat

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804FOR THE ELECTRICIANCONFORM TO ALL APPLICABLECODESConnect the electrical power to the machine to thewires in the junction box at the rear of the machine.Check the nameplate (located on the back panel)for the voltage requirements, and for the minimumcircuit ampacity. The machine requires a solidchassis to earth ground wire.The ice machine should be connected to its ownelectrical circuit so it would be individually fused.Voltage variation must remain within designlimitation

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804INITIAL START UPPre-Start Inspection1. Remove the front and side service panels.are rubbing each other. Check that the fan bladeturns freely (air cooled).2. Check that any shipping blocks have beenremoved.4. Check that the unit is installed correctlyaccording to the final check list (page 8).3. Inspect the interior of the machine for loosescrews or wires. Check that no refrigerant linesStart Up· The air cooled discharge pressure will depend1. Go through the prestart ins

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804CLEANING & SANITIZINGA Scotsman Ice System represents a sizable investment of time and money in any company’s business.In order to receive the best return for that investment, it MUST receive periodic maintenance.It is the USER’S RESPONSIBILITY to see that the unit is properly maintained. It is always preferable, andless costly in the long run, to avoid possible down time by keeping it clean; adjusting it as needed; and byreplacing worn parts before they can cause fa

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804SENSOR MAINTENANCE1. The bin control is a device that senses light,therefore it must be kept clean so it can “see”. Atleast twice a year, remove the bin control sensorsfrom the base of the ice chute, and wipe the insideclean, as illustrated.2. The ice machine senses water level by a probelocated in the water reservoir. At least twice a year,the probe should be removed from the reservoir,and the tip wiped clean of mineral build-up.ICE LEVEL SENSORSSLIDE TO REMOVECLEAN

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804AIR COOLED MAINTENANCEHazardous MovingParts.Moving fan blade cancause personal injury.Disconnect electricalpower before beginning.Clean the air cooled condenser.The air flow on this model is from front to back, sothe inside of the machine will have to be availableto clean the air cooled condenser. Use a vacuumcleaner or coil cleaner if needed. Do NOT use awire brush.A. Disconnect electrical power, and remove thefilter. The filter may be cleaned or replaced.B. Clean the c

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804BEARING MAINTENANCEThe bearing in the breaker should also be checkedat least two times per year.A. Check the bearing by:· unscrewing the auger studAuger Stud· removing the ice chute coverChute CoverCap Screw· unscrewing the ice sweepIce SweepInspect the bearing. There should be plenty ofgrease in sight. If grease is needed the bearingand breaker should be removed to check theaction of the bearing. It should rotate smoothly.To remove the breaker remove the lower ice ch

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804AUGER MAINTENANCE4. Remove 4 allen screws holding breaker toIn some areas, the water supply to the ice makerevaporator.will contain a high concentration of minerals, andthat will result in an evaporator and auger5. Pull up to remove auger.becoming coated with these minerals, requiring aAfter the auger has been removed, allow the augermore frequent removal than twice per year. If into dry: if the auger is not bright and shiny, it mustdoubt about the condition of the evapo

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NME454, 654 & FME504, 804REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT: Bin ControlsBIN CONTROLS (Ice Level Sensors)1. Disconnect electrical power.2. Remove front panel.3. Remove control box cover.4. Locate ice chute, at the base of the chute, infront of and behind it are two plastic bin controlmounts.5. Slide each bin control to the left, and in thecontrol box, disconnect the electrical leadsconnecting the bin control to the circuit board.6. Reverse to reassemble, be certain that the bincontrols are aligned so that

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