Bifinett KH 85 Juicer Kullanım Kılavuzu

Kullanım Kılavuzu için aygıtı Bifinett KH 85 Juicer

Bifinett KH 85 Juicer Kullanım Kılavuzu

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KH 85Operatingand safety instructions

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Operating instructionsKompernaß Handelsgesellschaft mbHBurgstraße 21 · D-44867 Bochum (Germany)Page4- 5

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Safety advice1. Before using your citrus press for the first time, please read through the operating instructionsand this safety advice carefully.2. The citrus press is to be connected only to an earthed mains socket which has properlyinstalled in accordance with the applicable regulations.To avoid accidents, never operate several household appliances from the same socketat the same time.3. This citrus press is intended only for domestic use.4. Do not use this citrus press outside.5. Do not leav

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3. Select the appropriate juice press. The small press piece is intended for fruit with little flesh.The larger press is placed on the smaller so that juice and flesh can be obtained (ideal forpressing larger fruit such as grapefruit etc.).4. Place the sieve with the small press (or both presses) on to the motor spindle. The citruspress tongue and the juice collector handle must be in line with one another.5. Insert the plug into the mains socket.6. Place a glass under the spout.7. To open the s

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