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Multiquip EM-70S Mixer Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Engine exhaust and some ofits constituents, and some dust createdby power sanding, sawing, grinding,drillingandotherconstructionactivitiescontains chemicals known to the Stateof California to cause cancer, birthdefects and other reproductive harm.Some examples of these chemicals are:Leadfromlead-basedpaints.Crystallinesilicafrombricks.Cementandothermasonryproducts.Arsenicandchromiumfromchemicallytreatedlumber.Your risk from these exposures varies,depending on how often you do this typeof work. T

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HERE'S HOW TO GET HELPPLEASE HAVE THE MODEL AND SERIALNUMBER ON-HAND WHEN CALLINGMULTIQUIP CORPORATE OFFICE18910 Wilmington Ave.Carson, CA 90746Email: mq@multiquip.comInternet: www.multiquip.comPARTS DEPARTMENT800-427-1244310-537-3700MAYCO PARTS800-306-2926310-537-3700SERVICE DEPARTMENT800-421-1244310-537-3700TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE800-478-1244WARRANTY DEPARTMENT800-421-1244, EXT. 279310-537-3700, EXT. 279800-421-1244FAX: 310-537-3927FAX: 800-672-7877FAX: 310-637-3284FAX: 800-672-7877FAX: 310-637-3

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — TABLE OF CONTENTSMQ ESSICK —EM-70 SERIESPLASTER/MORTAR MIXERHere's How To Get Help .............................................3Table Of Contents ......................................................4Parts Ordering Procedures ........................................5Specifications .............................................................6Dimensions ................................................................7Safety Messages Alert Symbols ...............

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PARTS ORDERING PROCEDURESWhen ordering parts,please supply the following information:❒❒❒❒❒❒❒Dealer account numberDealer name and addressShipping address (if different than billing address)Return fax numberApplicable model numberQuantity, part number and description of each partSpecify preferred method of shipment:✓ FedEx or UPS Ground✓ FedEx or UPS Second Day or Third Day Note: Unless otherwise indicated by customer, allorders are treated as “Standard Orders”, and will✓ F

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — SPECIFICATIONSTABLE 1. MIXER SPECIFICATIONSCapacity7.0 cu. ft (198 liters)Bag Capacity1-1/2 to 2-1/2 bagsWeight788 lbs. (357 kg.)Height W/Dump Handle73 in. (185 cm.)Discharge Height21 in. (53 cm.)DriveV-Belt/GearDump ActionManualTABLE 2. SPECIFICATIONS (ENGINE & ELECTRIC MOTOR)ModelTypeEngine/ElectricMotorHONDA GX160K1HX2HONDA GX240K1HA2Air-cooled 4 stroke, HorizontalShaft Gasoline EngineBALDOR 35L229S3021.5 HP, 115/230, SinglePhase Electric MotorBore X Stroke2.51

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — DIMENSIONSTABLE 3. DIMENSIONSDescriptionDimensions in. (cm)L e n g th(w/ Tow Bar)67 in. (170 cm)Width50 in. (127 cm)Height56 in. (142 cm)Figure 1. DimensionsEM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — OPERATION MANUAL — REV. #1 (008/10/04) — PAGE 7

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — SAFETY MESSAGE ALERT SYMBOLSFOR YOUR SAFETY AND THE SAFETY OF OTHERS!Safety precautions should be followedat all times when operating thisequipment. Failure to read andunderstand the Safety Messages andOperating Instructions could result ininjury to yourself and others.This Owner's Manual has beendeveloped to provide completeinstructions for the safe and efficientNOTEoperation of the MQ EssickEM-70 mortar and plaster mixer.Refer to the engine manufacturersinstructi

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — SAFETY MESSAGE ALERT SYMBOLSCAUTIONRotating Parts HazardsNEVER operate equipment with covers,or guards removed. Keep fingers, hands,hair and clothing away from all movingparts to prevent injury.CAUTIONCAUTIONEquipment DamageHazardsOther important messages are provided throughout thismanual to help prevent damage to your light tower, otherproperty, or the surrounding environment.Accidental Starting HazardsALWAYS place the power source, circuitbreakers or ON/OFF swit

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — RULES FOR SAFE OPERATIONDANGERRead this manual!Failure to follow instructions in this manual may lead toserious injury or even death! This equipment is to beoperated by trained and qualified personnel only! Thisequipment is for industrial use only.The following safety guidelines should always be used whenoperating the EM-70 plaster and mortar mixer:GENERAL SAFETY■ DO NOT operate or service thisequipment before reading this entiremanual.■ This equipment should n

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — RULES FOR SAFE OPERATION■ ALWAYS stop the engine before servicing, adding fueland oil.■ NEVER run engine without air filter. Severe engine mayoccur.■ ALWAYS service air cleaner frequently to preventcarburetor malfunction.■ ALWAYS be sure the operator is familiar with proper safetyprecautions and operations techniques before using mixer.■ ALWAYS store equipment properly when it is not beingused. Equipment should be stored in a clean, dry locationout of the

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — TOWING GUIDELINESTowing Safety PrecautionsRegularly InspectTowing ComponentsTo reduce the possibility of an accident while transportingthe mixer on public roads, always make sure that themixer towing components and the towing vehicle are ingood operating condition and both units are mechanicallysound.CAUTION■ ALWAYS make sure that the fuel valve lever is in theOFF position (gasoline models only).■ Check wheel mounting lug nuts with a torque wrench.Torque wheel

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — SAFETY CHAIN CONNECTIONCAUTIONAlways Tow witha Safety ChainNEVER! tow the mixer with the safety chain removed.The safety chain is intended to prevent completeseparation of the mixer from the towing vehicle in theevent of a tow bar failure.Reference Figure 2 for the installation of the safety chain.Tow Bar to Mixer Connection2. Route the safety chain through the holes just above thetow bar, located on each side of the mixer stand.Loop the chain together and place un

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — OPERATION AND SAFETY DECALSMachine Safety DecalsThe MQ Essick EM-70 mortar and plaster mixer is equipped with a number of safety decals. These decals are provided foroperator safety and maintenance information. Figure 4 below illustrates these decals as they appear on the machine.Should any of these decals become unreadable, replacements can be obtained from your dealer.Figure 4. Mixer Operation and Safety DecalsPAGE 14 — EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — OPERATION

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — GENERAL INFORMATIONApplicationThe MQ Essick EM-70 series mixers (drum capacity of 7.0cu. ft./198 liters) are shipped completely assembled and havebeen factory tested and are ready for use.Ensure that the extension cable is carefully laid out avoiding wet areas, sharp edges and locations where vehiclesmight run over it. Avoid allowing the extension cable to betrapped underneath the mixer.This mixer is only intended for the production of plasterand mortar. The mixer

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — MAJOR COMPONENTS74899.1011122310. Safety Grill -Provided for operator safety. This safetygrill is designed to keep hands and solid objects out ofthe mixing drum when in use. This grill should be closedat all times when mixer is in use. DO NOT remove thegrill or grill opening bar. Keep the grill clean by washingit down daily.13151465161817119Figure 5. Mixer ComponentsFigure 5 illustrates the basic components and controls ofthe MQ Essick EM-70 mixer1.

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — ENGINE COMPONENTS5.6.7.Fuel Valve Lever – OPEN to let fuel flow, CLOSE tostop the flow of fuel.Choke Lever – Used in the starting of a cold engine, orin cold weather conditions. The choke enriches the fuelmixture.Air Cleaner – Prevents dirt and other debris fromentering the fuel system. Remove wing-nut on top of airfilter cannister to gain access to filter element.NOTEWARNINGFigure 6. Engine Controls and ComponentsInitial ServicingThe engine (Figure 6) must b

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — ELECTRIC MOTORElectric MotorFor maintenance care and operation of the electric motor,refer to your electric motor instruction booklet furnished withthe motor.Protect the electric motor from dust as much as possibleand keep ventilating openings clean.Electric MotorSafetyDO NOT spray water at any time on the electric motor.CAUTIONTABLE 5. ELECTRIC MOTOR WIRING INFORMATIONMotorHorsepowerRating115-230 VAC - Single PhaseNEMA Plug ConnectorMating NEMAReceptacle Connector

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EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — ELECTRIC MOTORThe motor supplied is wired for 115 VAC grounded operation.Make certain that the correct size grounded (3-wires)extension cord is used. See Table 6.Motors can burn out when the line voltage falls 5% belowthe voltage rating of the motor. Failure to use proper voltagewill cause the motor to overheat and actuate the overloadswitch.TABLE 6. RECOMMENDED EXTENSION CORD SIZESModelMotor VoltageEM-70 1.5 HP(Electric)50 ft.75 ft.(15.24 m) (22.86 m)100 ft.(30.48

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EM-70 MIXER — PADDLE BLADE ADJUSTMENT (STEEL DRUM)Adjust paddles as shown in Figure 8a.Figure 8a. Paddle Blade Adjustment (Steel Drum)PAGE 20 — EM-70 PLASTER/MORTAR MIXER — OPERATION MANUAL — REV. #1 (008/10/04)