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Creda E420E Oven Kullanım Kılavuzu

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E420E / R420EInstallation & User InstructionsYou must read these instructions prior to using theappliance and retain them for future reference.

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For more information on our exciting product range ringCreda Answer Centre 08701 54 64 74ORVisit us on the NET at site invites you to make use of our interactive cookbook and product selector. Feelfree to browse our product range to see what’s bubbling away at the moment or to askfor help on our products and servicesGeneral Domestic Appliances Ltd. Morley Way Peterborough PE2 9JBCreda Answer Centre 08701 54 64 74Web may be necessary from time t

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ContentsIntroduction4Safety Information5Features7Controls8Oven Timer Operation9Using the Top Oven for Solarplus Grilling15Grill Pan and Handle16Operation when using Top Oven for Grilling17Solarplus Grill Chart18Using the Top Oven as a Convection Oven19Operation when using the Top Oven as a Convection Oven20Using the Main Oven for Fan Cooking21Using the Main Oven for Other Functions22Temperature Conversion Chart24Oven Temperature Charts25Cooking Results Not Satisfactory?27Care and Cleaning28Insta

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IntroductionYour new appliance is guaranteed* and will give lasting service. This guarantee is only applicableif the appliance has been installed in accordance with the installation instructions detailed inthis booklet.To help make best use of your cooking equipment, please read this booklet carefully.The cooker is designed specifically for domestic use and responsibility will not be accepted foruse in any other installation.When the cooker is first used an odour may be emitted,this will cease a

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Safety InformationWhen used properly your appliance is completely safe but as with any electrical productthere are certain precautions that must be observed.PLEASE READ THE PRECAUTIONS BELOW BEFORE USING YOUR APPLIANCE.Always● Always make sure you remove all packaging and literature from inside the ovenand grill compartments before switching on for the first time.● Always make sure you understand the controls prior to using the appliance.● Always keep children away from the appliance when

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Safety InformationNever● Never leave children unsupervised where a cooking appliance is installed as allcooking surfaces will be hot during and after use.● Never allow anyone to sit or stand on any part of the appliance.● Never store items above the appliance that children may attempt to reach.● Never remove the oven shelves whilst the oven is hot.● Never heat up unopened food containers as pressure can build up causing thecontainer to burst.● Never store chemicals, food stuffs or pr

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ControlsC MAIN OVEN TEMPERATURE AND FUNCTION CONTROLA GRILL SETTING CONTROLBTOP OVEN TEMPERATURE AND GRILL SELECTION CONTROLControl MarkingsDescriptionGrill Setting ControlControl KnobABCTop Oven Temperature &Grill Selection ControlMain Oven Temperature &Function ControlFunctionSelects the heat at which the grill will cook thefood.1 – 6 Grill Settings Control:1 = Low, 6 = HighNote: To grill you must first select a grillfunction using control (B).Selects the cooking temperature100 (Degrees Cent

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Oven Timer OperationThe oven timer offers you the following features:1.2.3.Time of DayAutomatic CookingMinute MinderAutomatic CookingThe Main Oven (only) can be controlled by the automatic timer.Never operate the grill or top oven when the main oven is set to cookautomatically because the oven cavity can become warm and this may causebacterial growth in food.Hints onAutomaticCooking1.Select foods which will take the same time to cook and requireapproximately the same temperature.2. Set the oven

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Know Your TimerCLOCKFACEThe timer incorporates a 24 hour clock.Ensure the correct time of day is always set, before using you cooker.PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DISPLAY WILL DIM BETWEEN 22.00HOURS AND 06.00 HOURS TO PREVENT GLARE.However, should you operate the timer during these hours the display willreturn to normal brightness for a few seconds and then dim again.SYMBOLSwill light up when you select a Minute Minder Period and will remain lit for theperiod set. At the end of the Minute Minder Period,

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Electronic Clock and Automatic Oven Timer OperationSETTING THE TIME OF DAYStep 1 Make sure all oven controls are turned Off.Step 2 Check the electricity supply to the cooker is turned on.Step 3 When switched on the display will show 0.00 and Auto symbol will beflashing intermittently.Step 4 Press & hold in both the “Minute Minder” & “Cook Period” button together.Step 5 With the “Minute Minder” & “Cook Period” buttons still held in, press eitherthe “+” or “–” buttons to

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Electronic Clock and Automatic Oven Timer OperationAUTO COOKING PROGRAMMESThere are two Auto Cooking programmes that can be selected using your timer:–(a) To set the timer to switch the oven(s) On and Off Automatically(b) To set timer to switch on immediately and OFF automatically after a set cook period.a) TO SET THE TIMER TO SWITCH THE OVEN(S) ON AND OFF AUTOMATICALLYThis allows you to cook at a specified time for a chosen period before the oven switchesoff Automatically.Step 1 Check that th

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Electronic Clock and Automatic Oven Timer OperationNote 1When cooking automatically the Cook Period can be checked at any time by simplypressing the Cook Period button.Note 2When cooking automatically the End Time can be checked at any time by simplypressing the End Time button.b) TO SET TIMER TO SWITCH ON IMMEDIATELY AND OFF AUTOMATICALLY AFTER A SET COOKPERIODStep 1Step 2Step 3Check that the correct time of day is set, if not follow instructions for setting the time of day.Place food onto the

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Electronic Clock and Automatic Oven Timer OperationTO CANCEL AN AUTO COOKING PROGRAMME BEFORETHE COOK PERIOD HAS FINISHED.Step 1 Turn the oven control(s) to the OFF position.Step 2 Press and hold in the “Cook Period” button.Step 3 With the “Cook Period” button still held in, return the display to 0.00 bypressing the “–” button.Step 4 Release the “Cook Period” and “–” buttons and the display will revert tothe time of day and the “Auto” symbol will flash.Step 5 Press th

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Using the Top Oven for Solarplus GrillingYour cooker is not fitted with a conventional grill. Creda have developed a Solarplushigh speed grill which is designed to reduce your grilling times. It is quicker because ittakes less time to warm up from cold. Conventional grills require 5 minutes pre-heatbefore food is placed beneath them, but for normal grilling the Solarplus grill can beused directly from cold without any pre-heat.However, when toasting, optimum performance is achieved by pre-heatin

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Grill Pan and HandleThe grill pan handle is detachable from the pan, to facilitate cleaning and storage.The grill pan handle can be fixed as follows:(d)(a)(c)(b)Step 1Step 2Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 3Step 4Remove the screw and washers from the grill pan bracket (a).Tilt the handle over the recess (b).Slide it towards the centre of the pan (c).Locate the handle over the bracket (d).For a fixed handle, replace the screw and washers and ensure they are fullytightened up. If a detachable handle i

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Operation when using the Top Oven for GrillingA GRILL SETTING CONTROLB TOP OVEN TEMPERATURE AND GRILL SELECTION CONTROLTIMERStep 1 Ensure that the timer is set to manual.Step 2 Place the grill pan runner/support in the correct position (see Grilling Guide).Locate the grill pan in the runner/support, position centrally under the grillelement.Leave the door fully open.Step 3 Turn knob (B) clockwise to select grill function setting:Set to:HalfGrillFor Half Grill (Left hand side only).FullGrillFor F

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18NoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneSmall cuts of meat,Sausage, BaconChops etc.Gammon steaksFish WholeFilletsFingersPre-cooked PotatoproductsPizzasSetting 6Setting 6Toasting of BreadProductsBrowning of foodeg. CauliflowerCheesePreheat for oneminuteFood1222222Easy Glide™ ShelfPosition from baseof oven.Setting 6Setting 4Setting 55-10 minutes10-12 minutes10-12 minutesDish placed directlyon the shelfGrill pan and foodsupportGrill pan and foodsupportGrill pan and foodsupport6-10 minutes10-15 minutes10-15

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Using the Top Oven as a Convection OvenThe top oven should be used to cook small quantities of food. The oven is designed sothat the grill element operates at a reduced heat output, this is combined with aheating element situated underneath the floor of the oven. To ensure even cooking ofthe food it is important that cooking utensils are positioned correctly on the ovenshelf so that the element is directly above. As a guide, the front of the utensil shouldbe approx. 100mm (4”) from the front o

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Operation when using the Top Oven as a ConvectionOvenTOP OVEN PILOT LIGHTA GRILL SETTING CONTROLB TOP OVEN TEMPERATURE & GRILL SELECTION CONTROLTIMERStep 1 Check that the timer is in manual.Step 2 Place the shelf in the correct position (see Oven Temperature Charts).Step 3 Select the required cooking temperature (100–220oC) using control (B)(see Top Oven Temperature Charts).The pilot light will immediately come on, and remain on until the ovenreaches the required temperature. The light will th