Smart Technologies 442i Oven Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Smart Technologies 442i Oven Kullanım Kılavuzu

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SMART Table® 442iCollaborative learning centerHardware user’s guide

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Product registrationIf you register your SMART product, we’ll notify you of new features and software upgrades.Register online at the following information available in case you need to contact SMART Support.Serial number:Date of purchase:

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Trademark noticeSMART Table, SMART Board, SMART Exchange, SMART Podium, DViT, SMART Notebook, SMART Document Camera, SMART Sync, smarttech, the SMARTlogo and all SMART taglines are trademarks or registered trademarks of SMART Technologies ULC in the U.S. and/or other countries. Windows is either aregistered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other third-party product and company names may be trademarksof their respective owners.Copyr

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WARNINGlFailure to follow the installation instructions shipped with your SMART Table®collaborative learning center could result in personal injury and product damage.lEnsure that any cables extending across the floor to your SMART product are properlybundled and marked to prevent a trip hazard.lMake sure an electrical socket is near your SMART product and remains easilyaccessible during use.lIf you are using casters, lock the casters before allowing children to use your table.lDo not climb (o

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<$paratext[h1]>C A U TI ONlDisconnect the power cable only after you turn off the table as documented in this guideand the indicator lights and fans turn off. Disconnecting the power cable at any other timecould result in damage to the table.lDo not place cords, boxes or other items on the surface of your table. Doing so canscratch the surface.lIf your SMART product becomes wet, dry it completely before turning it on.I MPOR TA N TlDo not operate your table in environments that are higher than 10

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ContentsChapter 1: Getting startedAbout your SMART TableHow your SMART Table worksWhat’s included with your SMART TableUsing your SMART Table with other SMART productsChapter 2: Using your SMART TableTurning your SMART Table on or offUsing SMART Table softwareConnecting your SMART Table to the InternetUsing your SMART Document Camera with your SMART TableChapter 3: Maintaining your SMART Table1123455791113Cleaning your SMART TableUpdating the softwareCalibrating the table131314App

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Chapter 1Getting startedAbout your SMART TableHow your SMART Table worksWhat’s included with your SMART TablePower cableInstallation instructionsWarranty informationImportant informationUsing your SMART Table with other SMART productsThis guide is intended for teachers and application developers. It introduces you to SMART Tablesoftware and explains how to use, maintain and troubleshoot your table.N OTEFor information on setting up your SMART Table collaborative learning center or its accessor

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CHAPT ER 1Getting startedSMART Table software includes interactive applications, learning activities and educational games.You can also download any of the SMART Table activity packs available on the SMART Exchange™website ( directly to the table.N OTEUp to five activity packs can be downloaded at the same time.Using the SMART Table Toolkit you can download activity packs and applications and customize theactivities. Install and run the toolkit on your computer and then

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CHAPT ER 1Getting startedWhat’s included with your SMART TableYour table includes the following items:Power cableInstallation instructionsWarranty informationImportant informationPower cableThe power cable provided with your SMART Table is specific toyour region and should work with the outlets in your school.Connect the power cable to the table following the instructions inthe SMART Table 442i textless installation instructions ( you must extend the powe

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CHAPT ER 1Getting startedUsing your SMART Table with other SMARTproductsThe SMART Table collaborative learning center complements several SMART products, includingSMART Board interactive whiteboards, SMART Sync software and SMART Document Cameras.You can easily transfer files from your computer directly to the SMART Table using SMART Syncsoftware or a USB drive. You can connect a SMART Document Camera directly to the table,enabling students to capture images in real-time and to explore them on t

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Chapter 2Using your SMART TableTurning your SMART Table on or offTurning on your SMART TableTurning off your SMART TableUsing SMART Table softwareStudent modeTeacher modeSwitching modes without inserting a USB driveConnecting your SMART Table to the InternetUsing your SMART Document Camera with your SMART TableAfter you set up your SMART Table as documented in the SMART Table 442i textless installationinstructions (, it’s ready to use.C A U TI ONDo not leave objects on

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CHAPT ER 2Using your SMART TableTurning on your SMART Table To turn on your table1. Connect the power cable to an outlet.2. Push the Power button on the side of your table.The table’s computer and LCD turn on. The computer completes its start-up process, and theSMART Table Activities menu appears.I MPOR TA N TAvoid touching the table surface until the table starts up and an image appears. Because thetable is touch-sensitive, even though you cannot see an image, you could unintentionallydisr

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CHAPT ER 2Using your SMART TableTurning off your SMART TableC A U TI ONIf you press the Power button for more than 30 seconds, you could lose data or damage thecomputer.The following procedure shows the correct way to turn off your table. To turn off your table1. From the SMART Table Activities menu, press thebutton in the corner.If your table is set up to respond to input from more than one student, theanother corner.button moves toRepeat step 1 for each student you set up your table for.2.

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CHAPT ER 2Using your SMART TableTeacher modeTeacher mode appears when you connect a USB drive to one of the USB receptacles on the side ofyour table. This mode enables you to set the number of students, calibrate the surface, synchronizeand choose activity packs and applications, and complete other configuration tasks as documentedin this guide.For more information on SMART Table Activities, see the SMART Table software and SMART TableToolkit user’s guide ( mo

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CHAPT ER 2Using your SMART TableConnecting your SMART Table to the InternetThis section provides information on connecting your table to the Internet through a wired local areanetwork or wireless local area network. Connecting your table to the Internet enables you to downloadSMART Table activity packs from the SMART Exchange website directly onto your table. It alsoenables students to access the Internet from a SMART Notebook file with an embedded browser.I MPOR TA N TSMART recommends that viru

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CHAPT ER 2Using your SMART Table5. For information on completing the connection of your table to a wireless local area network, goto the Windows® 7 Help & How-to website ( search for the View and connect to available wireless networks help topic. To connect your table to a wired local area networkTIPSMART recommends that you connect the table to a wireless local area network. See To connectyour table to a wireless local area network on the previou

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CHAPT ER 2Using your SMART TableUsing your SMART Document Camera with yourSMART TableWith your document camera connected to your table, you can capture images directly from thedocument camera onto the table’s screen when using applications that support this functionality.The version of SMART Notebook software that’s installed on your table is 3D-enabled, so you canuse the Mixed Reality Tools for SMART Document Camera.You can use the document camera's zoom feature from the control panel on th

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CHAPT ER 2Using your SMART Table3. Select an application that supports the use of the document camera, such as Media orSMART Notebook software.The document camera icon appears on the table’s desktop.For more information on SMART Table Activities, see the SMART Table software and SMARTTableToolkit user’s guide (

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Chapter 3Maintaining your SMART TableCleaning your SMART TableUpdating the softwareCalibrating the table131314Your SMART Table requires minimal maintenance. This chapter describes the four most commonmaintenance tasks.Cleaning your SMART TableUse an alcohol-free household glass cleaner, such as Windex® glass cleaner, to clean the surface atregular intervals.N OTEBefore you clean your SMART Table, turn it off so you don’t inadvertently start applications whenyou wipe the surface.Updating the s