Elkay ERW32-1B Refrigerator Kullanım Kılavuzu

Kullanım Kılavuzu için aygıtı Elkay ERW32-1B Refrigerator

Elkay ERW32-1B Refrigerator Kullanım Kılavuzu

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A = 3/8" O.D. TUBE WATER INLETB = 3/8" O.D. TUBE WATER OUTC = TEMPERATURE ADJUSTMENTD = ELECTRICALE = 3/8" O.D. TUBE TANK DRAINF = 3/8" O.D. TUBE CONDENSER WATER OUTLETG = 3/8" O.D. TUBE CONDENSER WATER INLETLEGEND1. This unit is intended for remote installation only. It is important to insure proper ventilation. A minimum of 6 inches(152mm) to the front must be maintained, and 6 inches (152mm) to the rear of the unit.2. This chiller has been designed for use with potable water and includes an o

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ERW32-1B/2B/3BPARTS LISTITEM NO.PART NO.1234567891011121314*15161718192021222324252623152C28070C27698C28032C23158C23159C26701C3478300535882C66218C3172300030440C30768C432420044800003630248C480000704800006748000069480000681903700010080674057066216C70772C3173800270020CDESCRIPTIONBOX - INSULATIONBASE ASSYPANELPANEL - FRONT/REARCOVER - INSULATION BOXBRACKET - CONDUITCABINETWASHER - LOCKCONTROL - COLDCONDENSER ASSYSTRAINERCAPACITORSOLENOID VALVECAPILLARY TUBECOMPRESSOROVERLOADGASKET - TERM COVEROVERLO