Liebherr 7084376 – 03 Refrigerator Kullanım Kılavuzu

Kullanım Kılavuzu için aygıtı Liebherr 7084376 – 03 Refrigerator

Liebherr 7084376 – 03 Refrigerator Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Operating instructionsCombined fridge-freezer2306107084376 - 03CN(es) ... 3

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Appliance at a glanceContents11. at a glance............................................Description of appliance and equipment..................Range of appliance use............................................Conformity................................................................External dimensions of the appliance.......................Saving energy..........................................................2223332General safety information...............................

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General safety informationClimateratingfor ambient temperatures ofSN10 °C to 32 °CN16 °C to 32 °CST16 °C to 38 °CT16 °C to 43 °C1.3 ConformityThe refrigerant circuit has been tested for leaks. The appliancecomplies with current safety regulations and EC directives2006/95/EC and 2004/108/EC.1.4 External dimensions of the applianceFig. 2ModelHeight of appliance H (mm)CN(es) 35..1817CN 39..2011CN(es/esf) 40..20111.5 Saving energy- Always ensure good ventilation. Do not cover ventilationopen

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Controls and displaysCAUTIONidentifies a dangerous situationwhich, if not obviated, may result inminor or medium bodily injury.NOTICEidentifies a dangerous situationwhich, if not obviated, may result indamage to property.Noteidentifies useful information and tips.3 Controls and displays3.1 Operating and control elementsFig. 4u Close the upper door.u Pull off the cover Fig. 4 (1) forwards and upwards.u Lift off the cover Fig. 4 (2)(1) On/Off button, refrigerator compartment(2) Fan button(3) Setti

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Putting into operation4.1.4 Transferring the lower bearing elementsFig. 8uuuuuuuuuuuFig. 6Draw the safety lock Fig. 6 (21).Remove the cover Fig. 6 (27).*Fully retract the adjustable-height foot Fig. 6 (22).If necessary, tip the appliance back a little with the assistanceof a second person for removal of the bearing pin.Pull out the bearing pin Fig. 6 (22) downwards and forwards.In so doing, pay attention to the hinge bush Fig. 6 (20).Unscrew the turn hinge Fig. 6 (23) (3 Torx 25) Fig. 6 (24).Uns

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Putting into operation4.2 Insertion into a row of kitchen unitsWARNINGFire hazard due to dampness!If live parts or the mains lead become damp this may cause shortcircuits.u The appliance is designed for use in enclosed areas. Do notoperate the appliance outdoors or in areas where it is exposedto splash water or damp conditions.WARNINGFire hazard due to refrigerant!The refrigerant R 600a is environmentally friendly but flammable.Escaping refrigerant may ignite.u Do not damage the piping of the re

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ControlIf the appliance is installed in a very damp environment, condensate may form on the outside of the appliance.u Always see to good ventilation at the installation site.w The interior light is on when the door is open.w The temperature display shines. Refrigerator compartmentand freezer compartment are switched on.4.5 Disposing of packaging5 ControlWARNINGDanger of suffocation due to packing material and plastic film!u Do not allow children to play with packing material.The packaging is ma

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Controlu Use the front area of the refrigerator compartment floor onlyfor briefly putting down cooled products, e.g. when rearranging and sorting. However do not leave cooled productsthere otherwise they may be pushed back or tipped over whenthe door is closed.u Do not store food too close together to enable good air circulation.u To safeguard bottles from tipping over: move the bottle holder.5.3.5 Using the sectioned shelf5.3.2 Setting the temperatureThe temperature depends on the following fac

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Control5.4 Freezer compartmentYou can store frozen food, make ice cubes and freeze fresh foodin the freezer compartment.5.4.1 Freezing foodThe maximum weight of fresh food which can be frozen within 24h is indicated on the type plate under "freezing capacity ... kg/24h".The maximum load of frozen food for the drawers is 25 kg eachand for the shelves 35 kg each.CAUTIONRisk of injury due to broken glass!Bottles and cans containing drinks may burst when being frozen.This applies particularly to spa

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Control5.4.9 Cold storage accumulatorsThe cold storage accumulators prevent the temperature fromrising too fast in the event of power failure.Using cold storage accumulatorsu Place the cold storage accumulators in the top freezer compartment to save space.u Place the frozen cold storageaccumulators on the frozen foodin the upper front area of thefreezer compartment.5.4.10 IceMaker*The IceMaker and the water reservoir situated in the refrigeratorcompartment can be used to produce ice cubes or to

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Maintenance6 Maintenance6.1 Defrosting with NoFrostThe NoFrost system automatically defrosts the appliance.Refrigerator compartment:The defrost water evaporates due to the compressor heat. Dropsof water on the rear wall are perfectly normal.u Regularly clean the drain opening to allow the water to flowaway (see 6.2) .Freezer compartment:The moisture condenses on the evaporator, is periodicallydefrosted and evaporates.u The appliance does not have to be manually defrosted.6.2 Cleaning the applian

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Malfunctionu Remove the drawer.u Clean the ice cube tray with warm water. If necessary, use mildwashing-up liquid. Then rinse.Switch the IceMaker on again.u Press the ON/OFF button until the LED shines, then slide inthe drawer.w The IceMaker starts producing ice cubes.If washing-up liquid was used:u throw away the first three loads of ice cubes to get rid of anyremaining washing-up liquid.6.4 Changing the interior light with bulbBulb datamax. 25 WFitting: E14Type of current and voltage must conf

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Decommissioningu Insert the water tank.→ There is not enough water in the water tank.u Fill the water tank.The LED of the IceMaker flashes.*→ There is not enough water in the water tank.u Fill the water tank.→ If the LED flashes and the water tank is full, the IceMaker isdefective.u Contact the customer service. (see Maintenance).The temperature is not cold enough.→ The door of the appliance is not properly closed.u Close the door of the appliance.→ Insufficient ventilation.u Clear ven

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Disposing of the appliance14