Speed Queen 40125301 Clothes Dryer Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Speed Queen 40125301 Clothes Dryer Kullanım Kılavuzu

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®Owner's ManualContentsImportant Safety Information ............... 3Drying Clothes ................................... 4Features, Hints, and Care .................. 6Reversing the Door ............................. 7Drying Guide ...................................... 8Trouble Shooting ................................ 10Amana Dryer Warranty....................... 12Gas and Electric DryerKeep instructions for future reference. Be suremanual stays with dryer.Part No.40125301Printed in U.S.A. 06/0

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Thank you for buying a Speed Queen® dryer!Please take the time to complete the registration card and return promptly. Ifregistration card is missing, call Amana Consumer Affairs Department. Whencontacting Amana, provide product information from serial plate found onupper right hand corner of door opening:Model Number __________________________________Manufacturing (P) Number _________________________Serial Number (S/N) ______________________________Purchase Date ________________________________

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Important Safety Information! WARNINGTo reduce risk of fire, electric shock, serious injury, ordryer, follow these basic precautions:1. Read all instructions before using 10. Do not tamper with dryer controls.11. Do not repair or replace any part ofdryer.dryer or attempt any service,2. Install dryer according tounless specifically recommendedInstallation Instructions. Refer toin user-maintenance instructionsthe Grounding Instructions in theor in published user-repairInstallation Instructions for

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Drying ClothesIf These Controlsare Different fromYours1. Sort clothes for dryingProperly dried clothes will need a minimum of care when removed fromthe dryer. Clothes properly sorted for washing should be properly sortedfor drying also. Follow the examples below.These controls are intended to show thevariety of features that are available inthe product line. If your dryer does nothave all the options that are shown, it isnot a mistake. The informationprovided applies to several of themodels in t

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Drying Clothes4. Select SIGNAL volume (some models)If a volume level is selected, the signal will let you know when the cycleis done. Signal will stop when the door is opened, or when the timer isadvanced to an OFF position.5. Turn timer to desiredsettingThe cycles control the drying time. TheENERGY SAVER setting, marked with astar (*), shows which dryer settings willuse the least energy and will leave itemsdamp for easier ironing.The AUTOMATIC cycles willautomatically determine the time neededt

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Features, Hints, and CareDrying TimesIt is impossible to give exact dryingtimes. Conditions from home to homevary and directly affect drying times.The length of time it takes to dry loadswill depend on several variables.•••••Load sizeType of fabric, washer, and spinspeed will determine moisture inthe fabric.Heat and moisture in the room.Damp air coming into the dryerwill increase drying time.Installation (length of exhaustduct, etc.).Electric voltage or gas pressure.If you have an auto

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Reversing the DoorTo reverse doors perform the following steps: four hinge attaching screws.Remove all 9 screws from door and hinges.Pull bottom of door liner out (A), then pull down (B), removing door liner from door panel.Rotate door panel 180° as shown.Remove door strike from door liner and reinstall on opposite side.Insert liner under flange on bottom of door (A), then push top of door liner into place (B)Reinstall 9 screws removed in Step 2.Using a screwdriver, remo

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Drying Guide,WHP6SHFLDO,QVWUXFWLRQVBedspreadsChoose heat for the type fabric used. Dry one double or two single spreads at once. Chenille andtufted spreads will shed lint and should be dried alone. New spreads will contain loose lint. Tumblenew spreads on NO HEAT setting before washing to remove loose lint. These spreads may be driedcompletely.BlanketsElectricDELICATE or NO HEAT cycles. If the manufacturer recommends drying the blanket in the dryer, followthe “Wool” instructions below. Do n

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Drying Guide,WHPKnit articles(cont'd)6SHFLDO,QVWUXFWLRQVAll KnitsKnit fabrics are usually manufactured under tension (stretching). Cotton knits especially may relax or drawtogether if every bit of moisture is removed form them. It is best to take them out of the dryer with a traceof moisture remaining, then stretch to shape. If they do shrink from overdrying, rewet them and dryproperly.CottonsAUTOMATIC REGULAR or TIME DRY cycle. Remove slightly damp to minimize ironing. Reshape,smooth seams and

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Trouble ShootingYou may save time and money by checking items below before calling for service. List includes common concerns thatare not the result of defective workmanship or materials. If your question is not explained below, contact AmanaConsumer Affairs Department at 800-843-0304.723,&3266,%/(&$86(62/87,21Vibrating noiseDryer may not be resting firmly on floorSome vibration is normal. Adjust leveling legs so dryerrests firmly on floor. See Installation Instructions forleveling details.Thum

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Trouble Shooting723,&(cont'd)3266,%/(&$86(62/87,21Improper exhaust systemCheck Installation Instructions for length of proper exhaustsystem. Only use 4” diameter rigid or semi-rigid duct.Restricted airflow will cause dryer to stop heating. Checkweather hood and exhaust system for restrictions.OverloadingDry one wash load at a time.SortingSeparate heavy items from lightweight items.Full lint filterClean lint filter before each use.Clothes too wet from washerCheck that the washer had enough spi

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Speed Queen® Dryer WarrantyFull ONE Year WarrantyFor one (1) year from the date of original retail purchase, Amana will repair or replace any part that fails due to adefect in materials or workmanship.Limited WarrantyAfter one year from the date of original retail purchase, Amana will provide a free part, as listed below, to replaceany part that fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship. The owner will be responsible for paying all othercosts including labor, mileage, and transportation