Smeg LBS86F Washer Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Smeg LBS86F Washer Kullanım Kılavuzu

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LBS86FWashing MachineLavatrice

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1 WarningsSafety instructionsGeneral Safety• Never place your machine on a carpetcovered floor. Otherwise, lack of airflow frombelow of your machine may cause electricalparts to overheat. This may cause problemswith your washing machine.• If the power cable or mains plug is damagedyou must call Authorized Service for repair.• Fit the drain hose into the discharge housingsecurely to prevent any water leakage andto allow machine to take in and dischargewater as required. It is very important

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2 InstallationRemoving packaging reinforcementTilt the machine to remove the packagingreinforcement. Remove the packagingreinforcement by pulling the ribbon.Opening the transportation locksA Transportation safety bolts must be removedbefore operating the washing machine!Otherwise, the machine will be damaged!1. Loosen all the bolts with a spanner until theyrotate freely (“C”)2. Remove transportation safety bolts by turningthem gently.3. Fit the covers (supplied in the bag with theOperation M

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B A damaged power cable must be replacedby a qualified electrician.B The appliance must not be operated unless itis repaired! There is the risk of electric shock!3 Initial preparations forwashingPreparing clothes for washingLaundry items with metal attachments such as,bras, belt buckles and metal buttons will damagethe machine. Remove metal attachments orplace the items in a clothing bag, pillow case, orsomething similar.• Sort the laundry according to type of fabric,color, and degree of soili

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4 Selecting a program and operating your machineControl panel66315522441 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - Spin Speed Adjustment Knob *Time Delay Button *Temperature Adjustment Knob *Start/Pause/Cancel ButtonAuxiliary Function KeysProgram Selection Knob887 - On/Off Button8 - Program Follow-up Indicators *9 - Child-proof Lock Indicator ** According to your machine’s modelTurning the machine onYou can prepare the machine for programselection by pressing the “On/Off” button. Whenthe “On/Off” button i

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program. Gentler washing movements and ashorter washing cycle is used compared tothe “Cottons” program. It is recommended foryour synthetic clothes (such as shirts, blouses,synthetic/cotton blended garments, etc.). Forcurtains and lace, the “Synthetic 40” programwith pre-wash and anti-creasing functionsselected is recommended.• Lana (Woollens)You can wash your machine-washable woolengarments on this program. Wash by selectingthe proper temperature according to the labelsof your clothes

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Program selection and consumption tableENMax. Load (kg)Programme Duration (~min)Water Consumption (l)Energy Consumption (kWh)PrelavaggioQuick WashRisciacquo AggiuntivoAnti-CreasingRinse HoldSpin speed reductionEsclusione Centrifuga2Cotone906130541.7•••••••Cotone60**6140491.02•••••••Cotone406125490.65•••••••Intensivo606160851.35••••Anti-Allergico 65656170651.18*•••Sintetici603110550.85•••••••Sintetici40390550.5•••••

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Auxiliary functionsthe maximum spin speed. When speed reductionbutton is pressed, spin speed will be at theminimum rpm given on the panel.Auxiliary function selection keysSelect the required auxiliary functions beforestarting the program.C Auxiliary function buttons may differaccording to the model of your machine.Auxiliary function selectionIf an auxiliary function that should not be selectedtogether with a previously selected functionis chosen, the first selected function will becancelled and

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5 Maintenance and cleaningSwitching the machine to standbymodePress “Start/Pause/Cancel” button momentarilyto switch your machine to the standby mode.Auxiliary functions can be cancelled or selectedin accordance with the step the program is at.The door can be opened if the water level issuitable. Laundry may be added / taken out byopening the door.Detergent DrawerRemove any powder residue buildup in thedrawer. To do this;1. Press the dotted point on the siphon in thesoftener compartment and

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Draining any remaining water andcleaning the pump filterYour product is equipped with a filter systemwhich ensures a cleaner water discharge thatextends pump life by preventing solid items suchas buttons, coins and fabric fibers from cloggingthe pump propeller during discharge of thewashing water.• If your machine fails to drain the water, thepump filter may be clogged. You may haveto clean it every 2 years or whenever it isplugged. Water must be drained off to cleanthe pump filter.In addition

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6 Solution suggestions for problemsCauseExplanation / SuggestionProgram cannot be started or selected.• Machine may have switched to self• Reset your machine by pressing “Start/Pause/protection mode due to an infrastructureCancel” button for 3 seconds. (see, Canceling aproblem (such as line voltage, waterProgram)pressure, etc.).There is water coming from the bottom of the machine.• Be sure the seals of the water inlet hoses aresecurely fitted.• There might be problems with hoses or t

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7 SpecificationsModelsLBS86FMaximum dry laundry capacity (kg)6Height (cm)84Width (cm)60Depth (cm)50Net Weight (±4 kg)63Electricity (V/Hz.)230 V / 50HzTotal Current (A)10Total Power (W)2200Spinning cycle (rpm max.)800Specifications of this appliance may change without notice to improve the quality of the product.Figures in this manual are schematic and may not match your product exactly.Values stated on the machine labels or in the documentation accompanying it are obtained inlaboratory in accor