Husqvarna 128 C Chainsaw Kullanım Kılavuzu

Kullanım Kılavuzu için aygıtı Husqvarna 128 C Chainsaw

Husqvarna 128 C Chainsaw Kullanım Kılavuzu

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SERVICE545196750OM, 128L/C , 2009-02, 545196750128 L, 128 C545 19 67-50

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CONTENTSContentsCONTENTSContents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2Note the following before starting . . . . 2KEY TO SYMBOLSSymbols . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSPersonal protective equipment . . . . . . 4Machine’s safety equipment . . . . . . . . 4Cutting equipment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5Checking, maintaining and servicingthe machine’s safety equipment . . . . . 5General safety precautions . . . . . . . . . 8Starting . . .

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KEY TO SYMBOLSSymbolsOnly intended for trimmer heads.WARNING: Clearing saws, brushcutters and trimmers can be dangerous! Careless or incorrect usecan result in serious or fatalinjury to the operator or others.Please read the operator’s manualcarefully and make sure youunderstand the instructionsbefore using the machine.Always wear:S Hearing protectionS Approved eye protectionMax. speed of output shaft, rpmWatch out for thrown objects andricochets.The operator of the machinemust ensure, while w

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSPersonal protective equipmentIMPORTANT! Whenever you use a clearing saw, brushcutter or trimmer you mustwear personal protective equipment that isapproved by the authorities. Personalprotective equipment does not eliminatethe risk of accidents, but it can reduce theeffects of an injury in the event of an accident. Ask your dealer for help whenchoosing protective equipment.WARNING: Listen out for warn-ing signals or shouts when you arewearing hearing protection. Alwaysremove yo

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSCutting attachment guardThis guard is intended to prevent loose objects from being thrown towards the operator. The guard also protects the operatorfrom accidental contact with the cutting attachment.WARNING: Mufflers fitted withcatalytic converters get very hotduring use and remain so for sometime after stopping. This also applies at idle speed. Contact can result in burns to the skin. Rememberthe risk of fire!WARNING: The inside of themuffler contain chemicals that maybe car

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSThrottle lock--outS Make sure the throttle control is lockedat the idle setting when the throttle lock-out is released.Stop switchS Start the engine and make sure the enginestops when you push and hold the stopswitch.Cutting attachment guardS Press the throttle lock--out and makesure it returns to its original positionwhen you release it.S Check that the throttle control andthrottle lock--out move freely and that thereturn springs work properly.S Ensure that the guard is undam

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSCutting equipmentThis section describes how to choose andmaintain your cutting equipment in order to:S Obtain maximum cutting performance.S Extend the life of cutting equipment.General rules:1. Only use cutting attachments with theguards we recommend! See the sectionon “Technical Data”.2. Check the cutting attachment for damageor cracks. A damaged cutting attachmentshould always be replaced.WARNING: Never use a machinewith faulty safety equipment. Themachine’s safety equ

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSGeneral safety precautionsIMPORTANT!S The machine is only designed for trimminggrass.S The only accessories you can operatewith this engine unit are the cutting attachments we recommend in the “Technical data” section.S Never use wire, rope, string, etc.S Never use the machine if you are tired, ifyou have drunk alcohol, or if you are taking medication that could affect your vision, your judgment or your coordination.S Never use the machine in extreme weather conditions suc

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSS Check that the trimmer head and guardare correctly secured.S When adjusting the carburetor, make surethe lower end is supported and that no oneis in the immediate vicinity.S Make sure the cutting head does not rotatewhen idling.S Make sure the handle and safety featuresare in order. Never use a machine that hasparts missing or has been changed inrelation to the specification.S Only use the machine for the purpose forwhich it was intended.S Never start the machine:S If you ha

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSS CAUTION! Do not use the machineunless you are able to call for help inthe event of an accident.2. Do not use the machine in bad weather,such as dense fog, heavy rain, strongwind, intense cold, etc. Working in badweather is tiring and often brings addedrisks, such as icy ground, unpredictablefelling direction, etc.3. Make sure you can move and stand safely.Check the area around you for possible obstacles (roots, rocks, branches, ditches, etc.)in case you have to move suddenly

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSSweepingS The fan effect of the rotating line can beused for quick and easy clearing up.Hold the trimmer line parallel to andabove the area to be swept and movethe tool to and fro.S When cutting and sweeping you shoulduse full throttle to obtain the best results.545196750 Rev. 3 2/17/09WARNING: Neither the operatorof the machine nor anyone else mayattempt to remove the cut materialwhile the engine is running or thetrimmer line is rotating, as this canresult in serious injury.

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KNOW YOUR TRIMMER1236128L8541091116128C1715131412417118Know your trimmer1. Trimmer head2. Grease filler cap3. Bevel gear4. Cutting attachment guard5. Shaft6. Loop handle7. Throttle control8. Stop switch9. Throttle lock--out10.Cylinder cover545196750 Rev. 3 2/17/0911. handleFuel tankChoke controlPrimer bulbAir filter coverHandle adjustmentDrive disc2--stroke engine oilOperator’s manual (EPA)19English--- 12

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ASSEMBLYNOTE: Make sure unit is assembled correctly as shown in this manual.Fitting the trimmer guard andtrimmer head (Model 128C)Fitting the loop handleS Position the handle on the shaft. Notethat the handle must be mounted between the two arrows on the shaft.S Fit the correct trimmer guard (A) for usewith the trimmer head. Hook the trimmerguard/combination guard onto the fitting onthe shaft and secure with the wing nut (B).BAS Fit the screw, securing plate and wingnut as shown in the diagram.S

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FUEL HANDLINGFuel mixtureCAUTION! The machine is equipped witha two--stroke engine and must always berun using a mixture of gasoline and two-stroke engine oil. It is important to accurately measure the amount of oil to bemixed to ensure that the correct mixture isobtained. When mixing small amounts offuel, even small inaccuracies can drastically affect the ratio of the mixture.S Always start by flling half the amount of thegasoline to be used. Then add the entireamount of oil. Mix (shake) the fu

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STARTING AND STOPPINGCheck before startingS Inspect the unit before each use. Replace damaged parts. Check for fuelleaks. Make sure all fasteners are inplace and secure. Make sure the cuttingattachment is properly installed and securely fastened. Use only flexible, nonmetallic line recommended by themanufacturer. Never use, for example,wire or wire rope, which can break offand become a dangerous projectile.S Check that the trimmer head and trimmerguard are not damaged or cracked.Replace the trim

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STARTING AND STOPPINGWarm engineWith a warm engine, move the blue enginechoke lever to the ½ position. Pull starterrope until engine runs. Move the blue enginechoke lever to the opened position.StoppingStop the engine by pushing and holdingthe stop switch in the STOP position untilthe engine stops.WARNING: When the engine isstarted with the choke in the closedposition the cutting attachment willstart to rotate immediately.MAINTENANCEThe owner is responsible for the performance of all required m

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MAINTENANCEWARNING: If the idle speed cannot be adjusted so that the cuttingattachment stops, contact your servicing dealer. Do not use the machine until it has been correctly adjusted or repaired.Unit/Maintenance SafetyDisconnect the spark plug before performing maintenance, except carburetor adjustments.MufflerCAUTION! Muffler is fitted with a catalyticconverter designed to reduce harmful exhaust gases.WARNING: Mufflers fitted withcatalytic converters get very hotduring use and remain so for s

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MAINTENANCEAir filterMaintenance scheduleBelow you will find some general maintenance instructions.Daily maintenanceThe air filter must be regularly cleaned toremove dust and dirt in order to avoid:S Carburetor malfunctionsS Starting problemsS Loss of engine powerS Unnecessary wear to engine partsS Excessive fuel consumptionClean the filter every 25 hours, or moreregularly if conditions are exceptionallydusty.Cleaning the air filterRemove the air filter cover and take out thefilter. Wash it clea

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Trimmer Head Line Loading Instructions1236m20i3m10i456789545196750 Rev. 3 2/17/09English--- 19

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Plastic Blades (Tri Cut)13625478545196750 Rev. 3 2/17/09English--- 20