CAT 329D L Compact Excavator Kullanım Kılavuzu

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CAT 329D L Compact Excavator Kullanım Kılavuzu

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329D L329D LN®Hydraulic ExcavatorsCat® C7 Diesel Engine with ACERT™ TechnologyNet Power (ISO 9249) at 1800 rpmStandard140 kW/190 hpOptional (high power)152 kW/207 hpOperating Weight28 400 to 30 100 kgMaximum Travel Speed5.3 km/hMaximum Reach at Ground Level10 820 mmMaximum Digging Depth7110 mm

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329D L and 329D LN Hydraulic ExcavatorsThe D Series incorporates innovations for improved performance,controllability and versatility.EngineHydraulicsOperator StationThe Cat C7 engine with ACERT™Technology offers better fuel efficiencyand reduced wear. It works at the pointof combustion to optimize engineperformance and provide low exhaustemissions. By combining ACERTTechnology with the new EconomyMode and Power Management,customers can balance the demands ofperformance and fuel economy to sui

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Electronic Control SystemBooms, Sticks and LinkageStructuresThe compact, full-color, graphicaldisplay monitor displays machine,maintenance, diagnostic and prognosticinformation in twenty different languages,as well as the rear view camera image.The Economy Mode and PowerManagement is selected from themonitor. To minimize sun glare,the monitor angle is adjustable. pg. 7Caterpillar excavator booms and sticksare built for performance and longservice life. Two types of boomsand three sticks are avai

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EngineBuilt for power, reliability, economy and low emissions.Meeting regulations... Exceeding expectations.power on the monitor from standardto high. The high power mode isrecommended for extremely productiveareas and for hard digging applications.Automatic Engine Speed Control.The two-stage, one-touch controlmaximizes fuel efficiency and reducessound levels.Performance. The Cat C7 enginewith ACERT Technology offers moreengine power, and runs at lower speedsfor better fuel efficiency and reduce

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HydraulicsCat hydraulics deliver power and precise control to keep material moving.Component Layout. The 329D hydraulicsystem and component locations havebeen designed to provide a high levelof system efficiency. The main pumps,control valves and hydraulic tankare located close together to allowfor shorter tubes and lines betweencomponents, which reduce friction loss,and pressure drops in the lines.The layout further provides greateroperator comfort by placing the radiatoron the cab side of the

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Operator StationDesigned for simple, easy operation and comfort,the 329D allows the operator to focus on production.Skylight. A unique large polycarbonateskylight provides very good upwardvisibility, especially useful in aboveground applications.Operator Station. The workstation isspacious, quiet and comfortable, assuringhigh productivity during a long workday.The air conditioner and attachment switchesare conveniently located on the right-handwall, and the key switch and throttle dialare on the

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Electronic Control SystemManages the engine and hydraulicsfor maximum performance.Monitor Display Screen. The monitoris a full color 400x234 pixels LiquidCrystal Display (LCD) graphic display.The Master Caution Lamp blinks ONand OFF when one of the criticalconditions below occurs: Engine oil pressure low Coolant temperature high Hydraulic oil temperature highAdjustable Consoles. Redesigned consolesfeature a simple, functional design toreduce operator fatigue, ease of switchoperation and excel

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Structure329D structural components and undercarriage are the backboneof the machine's durability.Structures. Proven structuralmanufacturing techniques, assureoutstanding durability and servicelife from these important components.Robotic Welding. Up to 95% ofthe structural welds on a CaterpillarExcavator are completed by robots.Robotic welds achieve over threetimes the penetration of manualwelds.Carbody Design and Track RollerFrames. X-shaped, box-sectioncarbody provides excellent resistanceto t

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Service and MaintenanceSimplified service and maintenance save you time and money.Air Filter Compartment. The air filterfeatures a double-element constructionfor superior cleaning efficiency.When the air cleaner plugs, a warningis displayed on the monitor screen insidethe cab.Diagnostics and Monitoring. The 329Dis equipped with S•O•S sampling portsand hydraulic test ports for the hydraulicsystem, engine oil, and for coolant. A testconnection for the Electronic Technician(ET) service tool is

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Booms, Sticks and LinkageDesigned for flexibility, high productivity, and efficiency in a variety of applications.Front Linkage Attachments. Select the rightcombination of front linkage with your Catdealer to ensure high productivity from thevery start of your job. Two types of boomsand three sticks are available, offering a rangeof configurations suitable for a wide varietyof applications and offer a large combinationof reach and digging forces for optimumversatility. All booms and sticks under

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Work ToolsA wide variety of Work Tools help optimize machine performance.Purpose designed and built to Caterpillar’s high durability standards.412563123456Excavation (X)Extreme Excavation (EX)Rock (R)Quick CouplerDitch CleaningRipperWork Tools. Caterpillar work tools aredesigned to function as an integral partof your excavator and to provide the bestpossible performance in your particularapplication. All work tools are performance-matched to Cat machines.Quick Couplers. Quick couplers enableth

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Bucket SpecificationsReach boom6150 mmWithout QuickCouplerLinkageCB2CB2CB2CB2CB2CB2CB2CB2DBDBDBDBDBDBDBCB2CB2CB2CB2CB2CB2DBDBDBDBDBDBDBExcavationExtreme ExcavationRockWidthWeight*Capacity(ISO)FillFactormmkgm3%60075012501300135014001500160010001350150016001650170018007501150135014501500160013501500160016501700100016506466889199589791000104310841124133314431501153015581616724926101410831104114814541549164716781710125718200.490.671.291.351.421.481.611.741.111.621.841.992.

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Work Tools Matching GuideReach boom6150 mm329D LWithout quick couplerHammersMultiprocessorsCrushers and PulverizersHydraulic ShearsMechanical GrapplesMulti GrapplesVibratory Plate CompactorClamshell Buckets(rehandling)5 tinesOrange Peel Grapples4 tinesmmH120C s, H130 s, H140D sMP20 CC, CR, PP, PS, S, TSMP30 CC, CR, S, TSMP30 PP, PSVHC-40VHC-50VHP-40VHP-50S320S325S340*G115G125G320G330G320B-D, -RCVP110GOS-35 620, 700, 780GOS-35 1050, 1260GOS-35 1460, 1670GOS-45 970GOS-45 1120GOS-45 1270GOS-45 1580

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EngineSoundHydraulic SystemCat C7 with ACERT TechnologyStandard Net Power at 1800 rpmISO 9249140 kW/190 hp80/1269/EEC140 kW/190 hpOptional Net Power at 1800 rpmISO 9249152 kW/207 hp80/1269/EEC152 kW/207 hpBore110 mmStroke127 mmDisplacement7.2 litersOperator Sound The operator sound level measuredaccording to the procedures specifiedin ISO 6394:1998 is 76 dB(A),for cab offered by Caterpillar,when properly installed andmaintained and tested withthe doors and windows closed. Hearing protection ma

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DimensionsAll dimensions are approximate.FKJAHMGLCEDBmmA Shipping height (with bucket)Reach boom2650 mm stick3200 mm stickMass Excavation boom2500 mm stick319031803250mmB Shipping lengthReach boom2650 mm stick3200 mm stickMass Excavation boom2500 mm stickTrack WidthDriveUndercarriage withtriple grouser shoesLong (L)600 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm600 mm HD, 700 mm HDLong Narrow (LN)600 mm, 800 mm600 mm HD, 700 mm HDMaximum Travel SpeedMaximum Drawbar Pull10 42010 410986033902990486039903080480261031702900

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Working Ranges – Reach Boom (6150 mm)m10Stick LengthA Maximum Digging DepthB Maximum Reach at Ground LevelC Maximum Cutting HeightD Maximum Loading HeightE Minimum Loading HeightF Maximum Digging Depth2500 mm Level BottomG Maximum Vertical WallDigging DepthBucket Tip RadiusBucket Force (ISO 6015)Stick Force (ISO 6015)98765C4D32E10B1mmmmmmmmmmmmR2.6CB2 R3.2CB226503200-6620-717010 130 10 600988099906870702029202370mm-5980-7010mmmmkNkN-64401610168155-6510161015913823AG2650 mm3200 mmF4567111098765

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Lift Capacities – Reach Boom (6150 mm)All weights are in kg, without bucket, with quick coupler, heavy lift on.329D LMedium Stick2650 mmShoes800 mm329D LLong Stick3200 mmShoes800 mm329D LNMedium Stick2650 mmShoes600 mm329D LNLong Stick3200 mmShoes600 mmLoad Point Height1.5 m3.0 m4.5 m6.0 m7.5 m9.0 mm7.5 m6.0 m4.5 m3.0 m1.5 m0m–1.5 m–3.0 m–4.5 m*13 400*15 870*16 870*9710 *9710 *16 770*14 360 *14 360 *15 610*16 590 *16 590 *13 0601.5 m3.0 m11 24010 53010 19010 12010 20010 4604.5 m*8640*10

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Lift Capacities – Mass Excavation Boom (5550 mm)All weights are in kg, without bucket, with quick coupler, heavy lift on.329D LMedium Stick2500 mmShoes800 mm329D LNMedium Stick2500 mmShoes600 mm1.5 m3.0 m4.5 m6.0 m7.5 m9.0 mm7.5 m6.0 m4.5 m3.0 m1.5 m0m–1.5 m–3.0 m–4.5 m*9310*12 980*15 460*8880 *8880 *16 650*9310 *15 400 *15 400 *16 450*20 810 20 500 *14 850*10 8801.5 m3.0 m11 26010 49010 080996010 07010 450*8030*8800*10 04011 25010 97010 850*10 8404.5 m77607530717068106560646065406.0 m*7

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Standard EquipmentStandard equipment may vary. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for specifics.Other Standard EquipmentAuxiliary hydraulic valve for hydromechanical toolsCat branded XT hoses and reusablecouplingsCat Datalink and capability to use ETCaterpillar one key security system withlocks for doors, cab and fuel capCross-roller type swing bearingCounterweight with lifting eyesDrive for auxiliary pumpHeavy lift modeRegeneration circuit for boom and stickS•O•SSM quick sampling valves foreng

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329D L and 329D LN Hydraulic ExcavatorsFor more complete information on Cat products, dealer services, and industry solutions, visit us on the web and specifications are subject to change without notice. Featured machines in photosmay include additional equipment. See your Caterpillar dealer for available options.© 2008 Caterpillar -- All rights reservedHEHH3856 (07/2008) hrCAT, CATERPILLAR, their respective logos, “Caterpillar Yellow” and the POWER EDGE trade dress a