Great Dane GSRKA1934S Lawn Mower Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Great Dane GSRKA1934S Lawn Mower Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Great Dane®GSRKA1934S20101810/02/2007

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IntroductionUsing Your Operator’s ManualThis manual is an important part of your machine andshould remain with the machine when you sell it.Use the safety and operating information in the machineoperator’s manual to operate and service the machinesafely and correctly.WARNING: The Engine Exhaust from thisproduct contains chemicals known to theState of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.California Proposition 65 WarningAll information, illustrations and speci

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SAFETY LABELSS/NSafety-Alert SymbolThe machine safety labels shown in this section are placedin important areas on your machine to draw attention topotential safety hazards.DATE OF PURCHASE:_________________________________________DEALER NAME:_________________________________________DEALER PHONE:_________________________________________On your machine safety labels, the words DANGER,WARNING, and CAUTION are used with this safety-alertsymbol. DANGER identifies the most serious hazards.The operat

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SAFETY LABELSWARNING (B)To avoid injury from rotating belts, keep all shields andguards in place.JGFDANGER (C)To avoid injury from rotating blades, stay clear of deckedge.HIDANGER (D)To avoid injury from rotating blades and thrown objects,stay clear of deck edge and keep others away. Do not mowwithout discharge chute or entire grass catcher in place.DANGER (E)Do not mow without discharge chute or entire grass catcherin place.CAUTION: (F)Before operating read operators manual and safety instructi

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SAFETYgine has been certified with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and/or California Air ResourcesBoard (CARB).CAUTION (H)Be safe! To avoid a fire hazard remove all leaves, grassand debris from engine, hydro pumps and motors, pulleys,belts, hoses, engine deck and cutter deck.DANGER/POISON (I)• Shield Eyes: Explosive gases can cause blindness orinjury.• NO• Sparks• Flames• Smoking• Sulfuric acid can cause blindness or severe burns.• Flush eyes immediately w

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SAFETY••••the job. Only use accessories and attachments approved by the manufacturer.Wear appropriate clothing including hard hat, safetyglasses and hearing protection. Long hair, loose clothing or jewelry may get tangled in moving parts.Inspect the area where the equipment is to be usedand remove all objects such as rocks, toys and wirewhich can be thrown by the machine.Use extra care when handling gasoline and other fuels.They are flammable and vapors are explosive.a. Use only an appr

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SAFETYPROTECT CHILDREN!Parking Safely1. machine on a level surface, not on a slope.Disengage mower blades.Lock the park brake.Stop the engine.Remove the key.Wait for engine and all moving parts to stop before youleave the operator’s station.7. Close fuel shut-off valve, if your machine is equipped.8. Disconnect the negative battery cable or remove thespark plug wire (for gasoline engines) before servicingthe machine.ROTATING BLADES ARE DANGEROUS!•HELP PREVENT SERIOUS OR FATAL A

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SAFETY•••••••••Choose a low ground speed so you will not have tostop or shift while on a slope.Do not mow or operate machine on wet grass. Tiresmay lose traction. • • • Tires may lose traction on slopeseven though the brakes are functioning properly.Avoid starting, stopping or turning on a slope. If thetires lose traction, disengage the blades and proceedslowly, straight down the slope.Keep all movement on slopes slow and gradual. Donot make sudden changes in speed or dir

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SAFETY•••ommended parts, when necessary. Grass catcher components are subject to wear, damage, and deteriorationwhich could expose moving parts or allow objects to bethrown.Keep all nuts and bolts tight, especially blade attachment bolts, to be sure the equipment is in safe workingcondition.Check brake operation frequently. Adjust and serviceas required.On multi-bladed machines, take care as rotating oneblade can cause other blades to rotate.Prevent Fires••••••••Remove gras

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OPERATINGBOperatingDaily Operating ChecklistMake sure all necessary guards and shields are safelyand securely attached. Check for loose, missing, ordamaged parts.Remove mower deck belt shields. Clean grass anddebris from belt area.Remove grass and debris from machine and mowerdeck.Remove grass and debris from operator station footplate, pump drive belt compartment, hydraulic pumpand pump mounting plate.Test park brake.Test safety systems.Check battery.Check for oil leaks.Check engine oil and hyd

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OPERATINGA-Free-Wheeling ValvesCAUTION: Avoid injury! Before adjusting cutting height, stop engine and lock the parkbrake.Mounting and Dismounting Machine Safely1. Check tire pressure. Inflate front caster wheels to 172207 CPA (25-30 psi). Inflate rear tires to 69-83 CPA(10-12 psi).CAUTION: Avoid injury! Machine must besafely supported on jack stands before removing or installing wheels. Do not use a hoist orfloor jack to support the machine.2. Using a suitable lifting device, lift the rear o

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OPERATINGIMPORTANT: Do not allow washer (G) to set oncaster yoke. It must be on top of height-of-cutspacer bushings (H).NOTE: Adjust caster wheel spacers to keepmower deck tilted slightly down at the front.8. Adjust caster wheel spacers (F) to compensate frontHOC accordingly.Setting Cutting HeightNOTE: Before setting cut height, ensure thetires are all set at the correct tire pressures.Caster to deck mounting positionCaster to deck mounting - Upper PositonRear of DeckRear DeckFront CastersNomina

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OPERATINGdo not operate machine. See your authorized dealer forservice.Perform these tests in a clear open area. Keep bystandersaway.Testing PTO Switch�������������������������1. Stand on operator’s platform with motion control leversin the neutral position.2. Lock park brake.3. Pull PTO switch up to engage.4. Turn key switch to the start position.Result: The engine must not crank.HOLE LOCATIONSTesting Park Brake SwitchTo adjust the front heigh

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OPERATINGClear area of bystanders, especially children.Pick up objects which may be thrown by the attachment.Using the PTOEngage PTO:1. Stand on operator’s platform with motion control leversin the neutral position.2. Start engine.3. Release park brake.4. Move throttle lever to the 1/2 to 3/4 fast position.6. Pull PTO switch up to engage.7. Step completely off operator’s platform.Result: The engine must stop.Testing the Park BrakeA1. Stop machine on a 17° slope (30% grade) facing downhill.

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OPERATINGUsing the HourmeterNeutral PositionNOTE: The machine is equipped with an electric start.The hourmeter will continue to run with the key switchin the run position.AAPicture Note: Motion control levers (A) shown in the neutralposition.••Hourmeter (A) shows number of hours the machinehas been operated.Use hourmeter and SERVICE INTERVAL section todetermine when machine needs service.•Machine speed, motion and direction can be controlledwhen the engine is running and park brake is unlo

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OPERATINGForward:• Push right motion control lever further forward than theleft motion control leverGentle Right Turn:•Push both motion control levers forward at the sametime.Reverse:• Push left motion control lever further forward than the rightmotion control lever.Sharp Left Turn:•Pull both motion control levers past center rearward atthe same time.Gentle Left Turn:• Push right motion control lever forward and pull left motioncontrol lever rearward at the same time.Sharp Right Turn:O

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OPERATING3. Put motion control levers (A) in the NEUTRAL position.4. Push PTO switch knob (B) down to disengage PTO.5. Move throttle lever (C) to set engine speed at the 1/2 to3/4 fast position.6. Position choke knob (D):• Cold engine: Pull knob up to the CHOKE position.• Warm/Hot engine: If necessary, pull knob up to theCHOKE position.7. Turn key switch (E) to the START position.8. Release key to the RUN position when engine starts.9. With engine started:• Push choke knob to the OFF posit

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OPERATINGNOTE: In cold weather or with a new machine, allowengine to reach operating temperature before engagingPTO to prevent engine from stalling.5. Pull PTO knob (B) up to engage mower deck.6. Move throttle lever to the fast position (C).NOTE: The travel speed and turn rate will vary with theamount that the motion control levers are moved.7. Push motion control levers (D) forward slowly. Mow at asafe travel speed.Stopping the EngineIMPORTANT: Avoid damage! To help prevent engine backfiring,

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SERVICE INTERVALS•••••Use a travel speed that fits the conditions:Mow tall or wet grass twice. Cut grass at half desiredheight – then cut at desired height.Travel slow when mowing tall, thick or wet grass.Avoid damaging grass by slipping or skidding machinedrive wheels. Practice smooth control lever movements.When performing sharp turns, do not allow inside machine drive wheel to stop and twist on grass.Mowing Travel SpeedsUse slow travel speeds for:• Slopes.• Trimming.• Close