DeVillbiss Air Power Company MGP-4600 Portable Generator Kullanım Kılavuzu

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DeVillbiss Air Power Company MGP-4600 Portable Generator Kullanım Kılavuzu

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OWNERS MANUAL FORDeVILBISS GENERATORModel No.GBV4600SPECIFICATION CHARTMODELHORSE POWERRATED/SURGE WATTSVOLTAGEAMPERAGEPHASEHERTZENGINE SPEEDMAX. AMBIENT TEMP.FUEL CAPACITYRUN TIME @ 50%/100%GBV460094600/5750120/24038.3A/19.2ASINGLE60 Hz3600 RPM104° F6 GALLON13.3/6.5 HR• This product is not equipped with a spark arresting muffler.If the product will be used around flammablematerials, or on land covered with materials such as agricultural crops, forest, brush, grass, or other similaritems, the

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TABLE OF CONTENTSPAGEWARRANTY STATEMENT ...................................................... 3SAFETY GUIDELINES AND INSTRUCTIONS ......................... 4-8WATTAGE CALCULATING INSTRUCTIONS ........................... 9-10GENERAL PARTS IDENTIFICATION ...................................... 11GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS/EXTENSION CORDS ............. 12INSTALLATION OF A GENERATOR ....................................... 12OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ................................................. 13MAINT

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LIMITED WARRANTYONE YEAR FROM DATE OF PURCHASEAll merchandise manufactured by DeVilbiss Air Power Company is warranted to be free of defects in workmanshipand material which occur during the first year from the date of purchase by the original purchaser (initial user).Products covered under this warranty include: air compressors, *air tools, accessories, service parts, pressurewashers, and generators used in consumer applications (i.e., personal residential household usage only).Air compressors,

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SAFETY GUIDELINES - DEFINITIONSThis manual contains informationthat is important for you to knowand understand. This informationrelates to protecting YOURSAFETY and PREVENTING EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS. To help yourecognize this information, weuse symbols to the right. Pleaseread the manual and pay attention to these sections.URGENT SAFETY INFORMATION - A HAZARDTHAT WILL CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR LOSSOF LIFEInformation for preventing damage toequipment.IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION - A HAZARDTHAT MIGHT CA

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READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL WARNINGS BEFOREATTEMPTING TO OPERATE GENERATOR.RISK OF ELECTROCUTION AND FIRE (cont’d)HAZARDWHAT COULD HAPPENHOW TO PREVENT ITOperation of generator in rain, wet, icy,or flooded conditons.Water is an excellent conductor ofelectricity! Water which comes incontact with electricty charged components can transmit electricity to theframe and other surfaces, resulting inelectrical shock to anyone contactingthem.Operate generator in a clean, dry, wellventilated area. Make sure

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READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL WARNINGS BEFOREATTEMPTING TO OPERATE GENERATOR.RISK OF FIREHAZARDWHAT COULD HAPPENHOW TO PREVENT ITAttempting to fill the fuel tank while theengine is running.Gasoline and gasoline vapors canbecome ignited by coming in contactwith hot components such as themuffler, engine exhaust gases, orfrom an electrical spark.Turn engine off and allow it to coolbefore adding fuel to the tank. Equiparea of operation with a fire extinguisher certified to handle gasolineor fuel fires.Spa

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READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL WARNINGS BEFOREATTEMPTING TO OPERATE GENERATOR.RISK OF BREATHING - INHALATION HAZARDHAZARDGasoline engines produce toxic carbonmonoxide exhaust fumes.WHAT COULD HAPPENBreathing exhaust fumes will causeserious injury or death.HOW TO PREVENT ITOperate generator in clean, dry, wellventilated area. Avoid enclosed areas like garages, basements, storage sheds, etc., which lack a steadyexchange of air. Never operate unitin a location occupied by humans oranimals. Keep children,

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READ AND UNDERSTAND ALL WARNINGS BEFOREATTEMPTING TO OPERATE GENERATOR.RISK OF HOT SURFACESHAZARDContact with hot engine and generatorcomponents.WHAT COULD HAPPENContact with hot surfaces, such as engines exhaust components, could resultin serious burns.HOW TO PREVENT ITDuring operation, touch only the control surfaces of the generator. Keepchildren away from the generator atall times. They may not be able torecognize the hazards of this product.RISK OF MOVING PARTSHAZARDContact with moving part

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WATTAGE CALCULATING INSTRUCTIONSIMPORTANTNever exceed the rated capacity of your generator. Serious damage to the generator or appliance could resultfrom an overload.1. Starting and running wattage requirements should always be calculated when matching a generatorswattage capacity to the appliance or tool.2. There are two types of electrical applicances that can be powered by your generator:A.B.C.Items such as radios, light bulbs, television sets, and mircowaves have a "resistive load". Starting

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WATTAGE CALCULATING INSTRUCTIONS (cont'd)STARTING WATTAGE REQUIREMENTS1. Some appliances and tools will list on the motor nameplate the starting and running voltage and amperagerequirements. Use the following formula to convert voltage and amperage to wattage:Volts X Amp = WattsExample 1: (Starting voltage and amperage for 1/3HP furnace fan)120 volts x 10 amps = 1200 watts102. To determine the approximate starting wattage requirement for most appliances and tools with inductive typemotors, multi

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GENERAL PARTS IDENTIFICATION1. Frame assembly- Protects generator and engine aswell as a means to handle complete unit.12. Vibration Isolator- Isolators reduce engine vibration tothe frame.2. Fuel Tank- Six (6) gallon capacity.13. Generator Housing- Houses the electrical generatingcomponents.3. Fuel Cap- Remove to check/add fuel.4. Cover Panel- Contains wiring for receptacles, circuitbreakers, and control switches.5. 120V 15 Amp Duplex Receptacle.6. 125/250V 20 Amp Circuit Breaker.14. Oil Filler

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GROUNDING INSTRUCTIONS/EXTENSION CORDSGROUNDING INSTRUCTIONThis generator should be grounded to help prevent accidentalelectrical shock. Shown below is a picture of the groundinglug supplied on your generator. Drive a 3/4" or 1" diametercopper pipe or rod into the ground close to the generator set.The pipe must penetrate moist earth. Using #10 gauge wire,connect one end of the wire into the grounding lug. Connectthe other end of the wire to the copper pipe or rod using anapproved ground clamp.Yo

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OPERATING INSTRUCTIONSBEFORE START UPFollow the steps listed below before starting generator.1. Check engine oil. Refer to the Engine Operator's Manualfor correct grade and quantity of oil.This generator has been shipped from thefactory without oil in the crankcase. Operatingthe unit without oil can ruin the engine.2. Check fuel level, fill as required. Make sure generator isturned off and has been allowed time to cool down.3. Make sure generator is grounded.4. All electrical loads should be dis

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MAINTENANCE PARTS LISTContact the DeVilbiss Air Power Company Customer Service Department1-800-888-2468 Ext.2For Authorized Service Center nearest youPart No.Qty.GS-0231GS-0029SSP-499GS-0027SSN-51SSF-990GS-0028GS-0033GS-0036GS-0234GA10011214412211DescriptionAir FilterFuel LineFuel Line ClampsGas TankGas Tank WashersGas Tank ScrewsGas GapIsolatorsIsolatorsSpark ArresterWheel/Handle KitTROUBLESHOOTING GUIDEPROBLEMEngine will not startNo electrical outputRepeated circuit breaker trippingGenerator o

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INSTALLATION OF BATTERY• Recommended Battery for Electric Start •Use standard 12 volt 45 amp hour lawn mower battery1. Place battery in rack with terminals facingtowards generator head.2. Place battery bracket (A) over battery as shown(opposite battery terminals).3. Place "L" bolt (B) through top and bottom bracketsand secure with wing nut (C).Positive(+)Negative(-)15

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OWNERS MANUALFOR DeVILBISSGENERATORMODEL NO.GBV4600Attach Sales ReceiptHere.Retain Original Sales Receiptas Proof of Purchase forWarranty Repair Work.WARRANTYThis product is covered by theDeVilbiss one year limitedwarranty (SP-100-E). Thewarranty can be found onpage 3 or is available uponrequest.An "Authorized Warranty Service Center Directory" is includedwith your unit.When ordering repair parts from your local Authorized ServiceCenter, always give the following information:• Model number of