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Poulan 115248726 Trimmer Kullanım Kılavuzu

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ENGLISHRPlease do not return product to retailer.Por favor, no devuelva el producto al lugar de compra.Veuillez ne pas retourner le produit au détaillant.1--800--554--6723Register your product online at:Registre su producto en línea en:Enregistrez votre produit en ligne à l’adresse :www.poulanpro.comPPB330ESPAÑOLInstruction ManualManual de InstruccionesManuel d’InstructionsFor Occasional Use OnlyPoulan PRO7349 Statesville RoadCharlotte, NC 28269Poulan PRO850 Matheson Blvd. WestMississaug

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TABLE OF CONTENTSIdentification of Safety SymbolsSafety RulesAssemblyOperationMaintenance2491013Service & AdjustmentsStorageTroubleshooting TableLimited Warranty StatementEmissions Statement1416171818IDENTIFICATION OF SAFETY SYMBOLSDANGER: Use only specified trimmerhead, spool, and 0.080 inch (2 mm) recommendedtrimmer line. Never use blades, flailing devices,wire, rope, string, etc. This attachment is designedfor line trimmer use only. Failure to follow theseinstructions may result in serious in

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IDENTIFICATION OF SAFETY SYMBOLSAssist handle to be positioned only belowthe arrow.Never allow children to operate this unit.Store unit indoors in a high, dry place out of the reach ofchildren.When servicing unit, use only identical replacementparts.Always stop unit and disconnect spark plug before cleaning or servicing.WARNING: Fire hazard. Never mix, pour, or store gasoline oruse the unit near a flame or sparks (including smoking, open flames, orwork that can cause sparks).Use unleaded gasolin

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OPTIONAL ATTACHMENTSThese attachments used in combination with the specified powerhead have been evaluatedto ANSI B175.3--2003, “Grass Trimmers and Brushcutters -- Safety Requirements”. Thesecombinations have been evaluated by Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc. (UL) and are consequently UL listed:Powerhead model AttachmentsPPB330TypeTrimmer headTNG 7Brushcutter attachment PPB4000CCutting attachment / guard,part no.537419214 / 530071824952711828These attachments used in combination with the sp

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SAFETY NOTICE: Exposure to vibrationsS Use only in daylight or good artificial light.S Use only for jobs explained in this manual(or manuals for optional attachments).through prolonged use of gasoline poweredhand tools could cause blood vessel or nervedamage in the fingers, hands, and joints ofpeople prone to circulation disorders or abnormal swellings. Prolonged use in cold weatherhas been linked to blood vessel damage inotherwise healthy people. If symptoms occursuch as numbness, pain, loss of

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S Never run unit without the proper equipment attached. When using your unit as ablower, always install blower tubes.S Check air intake opening, blower tubes orvacuum tubes frequently, always with engine stopped and spark plug disconnected.Keep vents and discharge tubes free of debris which can accumulate and restrictproper air flow.S Never place any object in air intake openingas this could restrict proper air flow andcause damage to the unit.S Never use for spreading chemicals, fertilizers, or

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leased or engine is turned off. Do not attemptto clear away cut material when the blade is inmotion. Make sure the engine is turned off,the spark plug wire is disconnected, and theblade has stopped moving before removingjammed material from the cutting blade. Donot grab or hold the unit by the cutting blade.S Install required shield properly before usingthe unit. Use the metal shield for all metalblade use.WARNING: Only use brushcutter attachments that provide a metal shield withproboscis nose.P

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WARNING: Falling objects cancause severe head injury. Wear head protection when operating this unit with a pole pruner attachment.WARNING: Never lean over discharge chute. Rocks or debris could bethrown into the eyes and face and cause serious injury or blindness.WARNING: Inspect the area wherethe unit is to be used. Remove objects thatcould be thrown or damage the unit. Someobjects may be hidden by fallen snow -- bealert for the possibility.S Direct material discharge away from glassenclosures,

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ASSEMBLYWARNING: If received assembled,repeat all steps to ensure your unit is properlyassembled and all fasteners are secure.Examine parts for damage. Do not use damaged parts.NOTE: If you need assistance or find partsmissing or damaged, call 1-800-554-6723.It is normal for the fuel filter to rattle in theempty fuel tank.Finding fuel or oil residue on muffler is normaldue to carburetor adjustments and testingdone by the manufacturer.Locking/ReleaseButton in Primary HoleINSTALLING TRIMMER ATTACH

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OPERATIONKNOW YOUR TRIMMERREAD THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL AND SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR UNIT.Compare the illustrations with your unit to familiarize yourself with the location of the various controlsand adjustments. Save this manual for future reference.Spark plugAssist handleCouplerTrimmerheadShaftPrimer bulbShieldON/STOP switchMufflerLine limiterbladeThrottle triggerChoke leverON/STOP SWITCHThe ON/STOP switch is used to stop engine. Tostop the engine, push and release the engineON/STOP s

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components, etc. Alternative fuels cause highmoisture absorption into the fuel/oil mixtureleading to oil and fuel separation.HOW TO STOP YOUR UNITS Release the throttle trigger.S Push and release the engine ON/STOPswitch. The switch will automatically return tothe ON position. Wait 5 seconds before attempting to restart unit to allow switch to reset.7.rope until the engine runs, but no more than6 pulls. If the engine still doesn’t start, it isprobably flooded. Proceed to STARTING AFLOODED ENGI

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2. Press and hold the locking/release button.ALWAYS WEAR:Locking/ReleaseButtonAttachmentOPERATING POSITIONEye protectionCouplerUpper ShaftLong pantsHeavy shoes3. While securely holding the engine andupper shaft, pull the attachment straightout of the coupler.INSTALLING OPTIONAL ATTACHMENTS1. Remove the shaft cap from the attachment (if present).2. Position locking/release button of attachment into guide recess of coupler.3. Push the attachment into the coupler untilthe locking/release button sna

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which can damage the trimmer head, becomeentangled in the line, or be thrown causing aserious hazard.S The tip of the line does the cutting. You willachieve the best performance andminimum line wear by not crowding the lineinto the cutting area. The right and wrongways are shown below.Tip of the lineLine crowded Intodoes the cuttingwork areaWrongRightS The line will easily remove grass andweeds from around walls, fences, trees andflower beds, but it also can cut the tenderbark of trees or shrubs

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INSPECT AND CLEAN UNIT ANDLABELSMUFFLER AND SPARK ARRESTING SCREENCLEAN AIR FILTERWARNING: The muffler on this product contains chemicals known to the State ofCalifornia to cause cancer.As your unit is used, carbon deposits build upon the muffler and spark arresting screen.For normal homeowner use, however, themuffler and spark arresting screen will not require any service. After 50 hours of use, werecommend that your muffler be serviced orreplaced by your authorized service dealer.S After each

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4. Replace with a pre-wound spool, or replace line using a 25 feet (8 meters)length of 0.080 inch (2 mm) diameterPoulan PRO brand line.9.Place the spool in the cover as shownbelow.WARNING: Never use wire, rope,string, etc., which can break off and become adangerous missile.5. When installing new line on an existingspool, hold the spool as shown.6. Bend the line at the midpoint and insertthe bend into the slot in the center rim ofthe spool. Ensure line snaps into positionin the slot.Slot10. Inser

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REPLACING THE TRIMMER HEAD1. Hold the dust cup with a wrench to keepthe shaft from turning while removing andinstalling trimmer head.Dust Cup2. Remove trimmer head by turning counterclockwise (looking from bottom ofunit).3. Thread replacement trimmer head onto theshaft by turning clockwise. Only tightenhand tight!To adjust idle speed:Allow engine to idle. Adjust speed until engineruns without trimmer head or any optional attachment moving or spinning (idle too fast) orengine stalling (idle speed

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HELPFUL TIPDuring storage of your gas/oil mixture, the oil will separate from the gas.We recommend that youshake the gas can weeklyto insure proper blending ofthe gas and oil.S Replace spark plug with new one of recommended type and heat range.S Clean air filter.S Check entire unit for loose screws, nuts,and bolts. Replace any damaged, broken,or worn parts.S At the beginning of the next season, useonly fresh fuel having the proper gasoline tooil ratio.OTHERENGINES Remove spark plug and pour 1 te

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LIMITED WARRANTYPoulan PRO, a division of HusqvarnaConsumer Outdoor Products N.A., Inc., warrants to the original consumer purchaser thateach new Poulan PRO brand gasoline tool orattachment is free from defects in material andworkmanship and agrees to repair or replaceunder this warranty any defective gasoline product or attachment as follows from the originaldate of purchase.2 YEARS - Parts and Labor, when used forhousehold purposes.90 DAYS - Parts and Labor, when used forcommercial, profession

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approved modifications, or the use of partsnot made or approved by the original equipment manufacturer. You are responsible forpresenting your small off--road engine to anPoulan PRO authorized repair center as soonas a problem exists. Warranty repairs shouldbe completed in a reasonable amount of time,not to exceed 30 days. If you have any questions regarding your warranty rights and responsibilities, you should contact your nearest authorized service center, call PoulanPRO at 1--800--554--6723,