Raymarine ST6002 Marine Instruments Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Raymarine ST6002 Marine Instruments Kullanım Kılavuzu

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To Automatically Steerto a Fixed Wind AngleAutotackTo Adjust AutopilotCourse-keeping Accuracy®Autopilot response controls course keeping accuracy.Higher response settings keep a tighter course butincrease the amount of drive activity and battery use.Set to a level appropriate for your needsWINDSmartPilot®ST6002 ControllerMAGWindWindUse -1 or +1 to adjust response level.Press disp to return to previous mode.MAGAuto TackPORTAuto TackSTARBOARDTo Adjust Lighting Level1 secMAGWindMAGMAGD9417-1N.B.

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Display LayoutTo activate the AutopilotTo change theAutopilot HeadingTo follow a Routeset on a Chartplotter55˚85˚MAG2MAGMAGMAGstandbyautoPress forManual ControlPress to activatethe Autopilot1Engagethe clutchFor Manual Controlcourse change keysPort 1˚Port 10˚Starboard 1˚Starboard 10˚x3MAGMAGPress to displaydata pagesPress for 1 secondfor lamp controlPress for 3 secondsfor power offRelease the clutchtrackWhen the Autopilotis activated, pressto follow a routefrom a connectednavigation system.