Chief Manufacturing interface bracket Medical Alarms Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Chief Manufacturing interface bracket Medical Alarms Kullanım Kılavuzu

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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSModel FSB-4101INTERFACE BRACKETVESA 200mm x 100mm / 100mm x 100mmBEFORE YOU BEGINPrior to assembly, unpack carton completely and verify contents.If you are missing any of the following components, or you have any questions about this installation, contact ChiefManufacturing Customer Service at 1-800/582-6480CHIEF MANUFACTURING INC.1-800-582-6480 952-894-6280 FAX 952-894-69188401 EAGLE CREEK PARKWAY, STE 700SAVAGE, MINNESOTA 55378 USAPART NO. 8804-000034 (Rev. E)©2005 Ch

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Model FSB-4101Installation InstructionsWARNING: FLAT PANEL DISPLAYS AREEXTREMELY FRAGILE. If Display Uses a Screw SizeOther Than M4, DO NOT USE M4 Screws provided.Monitor Damage Could Occur.803070206040ITEM50Figure 1:2DESCRIPTIONQTY.10Interface Bracket1203/8" Nylon Spacers6303/4" Nylon Spacers6401/8" Nylon Spacers650M4 X 12mm Phillips Pan Head Screws660M4 X 20mm Phillips Pan Head Screws670M4 X 30mm Phillips Pan Head Screws680M4 X 6mm Phillips Pan Head Screws610

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Model FSB-4101Installation InstructionsNOTE: If the flat panel display has a table standattached, remove existing stand.Flush Mount Installation1. Secure the Interface Bracket to the Display using 1/8"Nylon Spacers and M4 x 12mm screws(see Figure 2).NOTE: Length of mounting screws is dependantupon length of spacer used.Mount to Q2 System1. Install flat panel display, with interface plate attached,on Q2 mount (see Figure 4).2. Move latching flag of Q2 mount to secure display.InterfaceBracketDispl

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Model FSB-41014Installation Instructions