Sony MPK-TRV3 Camcorder Accessories Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Sony MPK-TRV3 Camcorder Accessories Kullanım Kılavuzu

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3-862-538-11 (1)Marine PackOperating InstructionsENMode d’emploiFManual de instruccionesESMPK-TRV3©1998 by Sony Corporation

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WARNINGFor the Customers in the U.S.A.This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant toPart 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmfulinterference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energyand, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radiocommunications. However, there is

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Features• The MPK-TRV3 marine pack allows the following 8 mm video camera recorders to be usedunderwater.CCD- TR44/TR54/TR57*/TR64/TR66/TR67*/TR74/TR78/TR84/TR86*/TR87*/TR88/TR94/TR96*/TR98/TR99/TR200*/TR300*/TR500*/TR514/TR555*/TR614/TR710*/TR714/TR814/TR910*/TR916*/TR917*/TR930*/TR940*/TR2300*/TR3000*/TR3300*/TR3400*TRV11/TRV12/TRV15*/TRV21/TRV22/TRV25*/TRV30/TRV32*/TRV33/TRV40/TRV41*/TRV52*/TRV53*/TRV62*/TRV65*/TRV70/TRV72*/TRV75*/TRV81*/TRV82*/TRV85*/TRV93*/TRV95*/TRV99*/TRV101*/TRV112/TRV

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PrecautionsOn the video camera recorderTake care not to expose the equipment to salty air. Do not drip water on the equipment.• Do not open the marine pack while at sea or at the seaside. Preparations such asinstalling and checking the equipment should be made in a place with low humidityand no salty air.• When a video camera recorder is used near the sea for a long time, we recommendthat it is checked periodically by a Sony dealer.• If the equipment becomes wet, take it immediately to the

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On maintenanceAfter recording in the sea, submerge the marine pack with the buckles tightly fastenedin fresh water for a while to remove the sea water. Then rinse it with fresh water andwipe it with a soft cloth.• Every time you use the marine pack and the video camera recorder underwater,clean the video camera recorder and the inside of the marine pack with a dry softcloth. Do not use any type of solvent, such as alcohol or benzine for cleaning, as thismay damage the finish.• If water comes

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Checking supplied accessoriesCheck that the following accessories are supplied with your marine pack.1234567891 Adaptor A (1)2 Adaptor B (1)3 Adaptor C (1)4 Mounting screw plate (1)5 O-rings (2)6 Grease (1)7 Accessory belt (1)8 Color filter (1)9 Viewfinder adaptor (1)6-EN

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Preparing1Preparing the adaptorThe adaptor and the position of the mounting screw plate depend on the video cameramodel. See the following page when attaching the adaptor and mounting screw plate.Check the position for the video camera recorder you use.Position of the mounting screwplate on the adaptorVideo camera recorder CCDWithout a wide- With a wideconversion lens conversion lensTRV30/TRV40/TRV70A1TR44/TR54/TR64/TR66/TR74/TR78/TR84/TR88/TR94/TR98/TR99/TR514/TR614/TR714/TR814A2A3TR200/TR300/T

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PreparingAttaching the mounting screw plate to the adaptorAdaptor AAdaptor BMounting screw plateMounting screw plateAdaptor AAdaptor BAttach adaptor C to adaptor B.To disassemble after usingAdaptor C12Adaptor BTo detach adaptor C from adaptor B3218-EN

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2Preparing the video camera recorder(1) Remove the lens cap, shoulder strap, filter, etc., from the video camerarecorder.(2) Attach a charged battery pack and insert a video cassette.(3) Attach the wide conversion lens (not supplied).By attaching the wide conversion lens, the shooting coverage becomes wider, and thesubject size becomes smaller.(4) Attach the Viewfinder adaptor.If the viewfinder adaptor is loose when it is attached, bend the eyecup of the camcorderand attach it again.(5) When usi

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Preparing(6) Adjust the video camera recorder.Refer to the operation manual of your video camera recorder.1 Set the POWERswitch toCAMERA.L2 Set the STANDBYswitch toSTANDBY.KOCCAMERASTAND BYThe following adjustments are needed when your video camera recorder has thecorresponding function.Refer to the operation manual of the video camera recorder for details.White balanceNormally set to w (outdoor).Set to e (indoor) for night diving.Shutter speedSet where no indicator appears.Program AESet where n

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3Attaching the video camera recorder to the marine pack(1) Attach the video camera recorder to the marine pack.Check the position of the adaptor (See page 7).When using adaptor A1 Connect the microphone cable to MIC.(The sound is recorded in monaural.)2 Slide the videocamera recorder intothe marine pack untilthe hooks of thecamera mount catchthe adaptor.3 Connect the remotecontrol cable to lREMOTE.4 Fasten the screw.ENFScrewdriverESCamera mountWhen using adaptor B1 Align the right side ofthe ada

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Preparing(2) Raise the buckles until they stop.(3) Fasten the video camera recorder with the accessory belt.When you fasten the video camera recorder with accessory belt, take care not to touchthe zoom button.2BucklesO-ringCheck the O-ring and grease itslightly.3Accessory belt12-EN

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(4) Attach the front shell to the rear shell.1 Put the front shell on the rear shell.2 Press the top of both grips frimy.ENFAlign here asshown in theillustration.ES3 Lower both buckles at thesame time until they arelocked. You will hear a click.Now you ready for underwater recording.Set the STANDBY/LOCK switch of the marine pack to LOCK.If you set it to STANDBY, the battery may be used up before recording.13-EN

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RecordingCheck that the equipment operates correctly and that there is no water leak at a depthof about 3 feet (one meter) before you dive deeper.(1) Set the STANDBY/LOCK switch to STANDBY.(2) Press START/STOP button to start recording.The REC lamp (red) lights up during recording.Power zoom leverAUTO FOCUS ON/OFFbuttonON/ OFFSTAFOCTOUSAUSTANDBY/LOCK switchBY LOCKNDREC LEAK1REC lamp2START/STOP buttonTo stop recordingPress the START/STOP button.To zoomSlide the power zoom lever towards T for tele

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To attach/detach the lid of the video cable connectorA video cable connector is provided so that video equipment can be connected to themarine pack in the future.When you reattach the lid, grease the O-ring of the lid before inserting it into theconnector.To detachENTo attachFO-ringES2 pull out.1 Whilepressinghere,1 Whilepressinghere,2 press in.NoteDo not remove the lid underwater.When the LEAK lamp flashesON/ OFFSTAFOCTOUSIn such a case, remove the marine pack fromthe water as soon as possible,

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Removing the camcorderBefore opening the marine pack, rinse it with fresh water and dry with a soft cloth.NoteWhen you open the marine pack, follow this procedure to prevent the video camerarecorder from getting wet.• Dry the marine pack well.• Wipe off any water between the front and rear shells with a towel.• Make sure you are dry. Take care that no water drips from your diving suit.(1) Remove the accessories.(2) Open the marine pack.Unfasten both buckles and remove the front shell.(3) T

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(4) Insert the remote control plug and the microphone plug where they were.(5) Remove the adaptor.4Microphone plugRemote control plugENF5ESAdaptor A21Adaptor B17-EN

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Note on the O-ringThe O-ring assures the waterproof function of the marine pack. To maintain waterproofintegrity, use it correctly. Incorrect handling may cause water to leak in.O-ringCheck that there are no scratches or cracksScratches or cracks on the O-ring may cause water to leak in. If the O-ring is damagedin this way, replace it with a new one. Do not remove the O-ring from the groove with ametal tool or a tool with a sharp point.CrackScratchesRemove any dust, sand or hair from the O-ringM

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Do not twist the O-ringPut the O-ring in the groove evenly. Never twist it.Do not pinch the O-ring with the marine packWhen jointing the front and rear shells, take care not to pinch the O-ring between them.If this happens, not only will the O-ring be damaged, but water may leak in.StoragePut the supplied spare O-rings in the original carton and store it in a cool place.• Do not expose the O-ring to direct sunlight.• Do not place a heavy object on the O-ring.• Do not fold the O-ring.Useful

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Underwater recordingRecording underwater is different from recording on land because it is affected by theclarity and depth of the water and the light conditions. The following are hints for goodrecording underwater.Color characteristic underwaterWater absorbs light, especially red light, so that objects in deep water or in the distanceare seen as bluish. The color of objects is affected by the clarity of the water.To record the subject with nearly actual color, use the color filter.Color filter