Rosewill R-BC-01 Camera Accessories Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Rosewill R-BC-01 Camera Accessories Kullanım Kılavuzu

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LCD & LED DisplayBatteryTYPENi-CdLCD capacityIndicationBlinkingdownwardFunctionLED IndicationLCD display wordDischargeYellowDISChargingRedCHAFlashing upwardFully chargedGreenOKFully chargedChargingRedCHAFlashing upwardFully chargedGreenOKFully chargedChargingRedCHAFlashing upwardFully chargedGreenOKFully chargedNi-MHAlkaline2

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Ni-CdBattery voltageNi-MHis very low shortAlkaline Battery can’t rechargeOffBADDear Customer,Thank you for purchasing the ROSEWILL universal battery charger. This product is an excellentenvironmentally friendly choice providing a comprehensive and versatile solution to keeping yourbatteries charged when you need them and minimizing battery waste.The device you have purchased is equipped with the best available technology.The product meets the requirements of current European and National guide

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With both LED and LCD display ,the status of each batteries charge cycle can be seeneasilyWith individual maximum timer control for overcharge protection.Charges Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadium), Ni-Mh(Nickel Metal Hydride), Alkaline *,RAM(Rechargeable Alkaline Manganese) Note on standard alkaline batteries:The ROSEWILL Charger can charge most types of alkaline batteries. Please use the setting “ALK”on the sliding front panel of your charger. Because of the chemistry of standard alkaline ba

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Mono (C), Baby (D), Mignon (AA) and Micro (AAA) as well as 9v block batteries. The charger isalso effective at recharging standard alkaline batteries of the same types but at a more limitedcapacity as outline earlier. (See “note on standard alkaline batteries”)Warranty DisclaimerNo part of the product may be modified or rebuilt and the housing must not be opened. Always observe the safety instruction.Incase of any damages which are caused due to failure to observe these operatingins

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Important safety instructionBefore you use your new universal fast charger, please pay attention to the user’s manual and thesafety instructions listed below.Never use the unit outdoors; it is designed only for use indoor useThis charger is only suitable for the Ni-Cd(Nickel Cadmium) accumulators and theNi-MH(Nickel Metal Hydride ) accumulators and AlkalineDon’t use extension cord for connection of the unit.Pay attention to the correct polarity during inserting the accumulators.Use the unit

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-AAA accumulators with a capacity of 300 mAh can never be charged for more than 0.5hours.Never connect other electric units or devices with a damaged main together.If the connection cord of this unit is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, itsservice person or a similar qualified person, in order to avoid danger.PRODUCT DESCRIPTION1、This charger can charge 4 kinds of batteries Ni-Cd、Ni-MH, RAM &Alkaline.The Four separate battery charging bays function independentlyThis ena

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3、OperationPlease read the following instructions carefully before first use of the ROSEWILL Charger.Connect the DC plug from the AC adaptor to the DC socket on the rear of the charger.Insert the AC adaptor into the household supply ensuring the wall socket is switched ON.This will cause the LED power indicator light to turn on.Select the required battery type by moving the batter selector switch between Ni-Cd ,Ni-MHor Ram for alkaline batteries (Switch must not be moved after batteri

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LCD & LED will have the same display as for charging Ni-Cd battery.Providing the fully charged batteries are not removed form the battery charging bays, TheROSEWILL Charger will automatically trickle charge the battery keeping it at its optimumcapacity.CHARGING TIMEIn order to determine the approximate charge times the formula as below can be applied.capacity of the battery x 1.4 = charge time of the batterycurrent of the chargerBattery TypeNi-CdNi-MHAlkalineBattery sizeBattery capacityCharge

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CD9V block1.5V<1.4V 6Hours1.5V<1.4V 10Hours200mAh7 HoursWarranty InformationThis product is fully guaranteed to the original purchaser against defects and workmanship for aperiod of one (1) year from the date of purchase, providing the equipment has been operatedaccording to the accompanying instructions. This warranty is not valid if the product has beenmisused or damaged in way that is beyond our control. This warranty applies only to the productand ROSEWILL Technologies, LLC is not responsibl

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