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9BSST FIVE CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIERTable of ContentsGeneral Introduction Instalation and Ventilation Page 1Rear Panel Input Settings/Connections Setting Input Selector Switch Balance Input Connector Configuration Setting Polarity Setting Input Sensitivity Output Binding Posts and Polarity Page 2Page 3Front Panel Description LED Indicators (Power-up Sequence) LED Indicators (Operating Conditions) Page 4Power Page 5Rack Mounting Instructions Individual Module Removal Channel Fuse Type/Location Page

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9BSST FIVE CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIERIntroductionThank you for choosing the 9BSST Five Channel Power Amplifier.Bryston welcomes any suggestions you may have, or comments regarding the operation of your amplifier. We consideryou, our customer, to be Bryston’s most important resource, and your opinion is very much appreciated.DescriptionThe 9BSST is a modular design 5 x 120 Watts per channel audio power amplifier. Each channel selects a balanced orsingle ended input. Each channel selects a gain of

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9BSST FIVE CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIERRear Panel Input / Output Connections1. Input Select Switch.Each 9BSST channel gives the user the option of switching betweeneither balanced input or single ended input.2. Balanced Input connector. ( Imp. 20k )This input connector accepts standard ‘XLR’ or 1/4” TRS .Use quality, 100% shielded cables with gold plated connectors. ‘XLR’ type ‘TRS’ type‘RCA’ type 3. Single Ended Input. ( Un-balanced input ) ( Imp. 50k )This input connector accepts

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9BSST FIVE CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIER6. Output binding postsThe RED binding post is connected to the amplifier output. Connect to this post the (+) terminal on the loudspeaker.The BLACK binding post is connected to signal ground. Connect to this post the (-) terminal on the loudspeaker.When the polarity switch is set for 0 degrees (normal operation ) the output at the RED binding post is in phase with theinput signal.When the polarity switch is set for 180 degrees (inverted operation) the the outpu

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9BSST FIVE CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIER21Front Panel1. 'SST POWER' switchThe front panel label 'ST POWER', is a touch sensitive membrane switch used to apply or remove A/C line power to the9BSST circuitry. Push firmly the center of the switch until the power-up sequence begins. Push again and the 9BSST willpower-down. ( Note: the rear circuit breaker must be on for the 9BSST to power-up)2. LED IndicatorsEach 9BSST channel has a LED indicator to monitor the following conditions: Unlit - indicates chan

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9BSST FIVE CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIERREAR POWER ENTRY PANELPower Control Panel1. Master circuit - breaker.The 9BSST uses a magnetic-trip circuit breaker (1) to protect the amplifier.This switch should be ‘OFF’ when installing the 9BSST. When switched ‘OFF’all A/C power is removed from the amplifier, including standby power.The circuit breaker is not the day to day power switch and should be switched and left‘ON’ after the installation is complete.Use the ‘ST POWER” switch or an ex

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9BSST FIVE CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIERRack Mounting InstructionsThe 9BSST 19” version may be rack mounted with or without the ability to remove the channels. If removal of the channels is desired then the shipping screws securing the channels need to be removed.REMOVE 46-32 SCREWSFROM THISSIDEREMOVE 33-32 SCREWSFROM THIS SIDETOP VIEWREMOVE ALL 6-32SCREWS ON THETOPDO NOT REMOVESCREWS FROMRACK MOUNTBRACKETRemoving the channels makes rackmounting far easier as the chassis willbe much lighter. Before

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9BSST FIVE CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIERTypical 5.1 Home Theatre SetupPowered SubwooferHOME THEATRE PROCESSOR9BSST 5X120W/CHCenterRight-FrontRight-RearLeft-RearLeft-Front7

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9BSST FIVE CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIERTypical Band-pass NoiseTypical THD+N Harmonic ContentPower supply artifacts are all below -95 dBubalanced input with 23dB gain shownThe harmonic content of the 9BSST is all even order.dBu: dB relative to a reference of 0.7746 VoltsTypical Frequency ResponseTypical Phase Response8 ohm 120w<.01dB 20Khz.4 ohm 200w<.1dB 20Khz.4 ohm 200w8 ohm 120w9

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9BSST FIVE CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIERTypical IMD SweepTypical THD+N SweepGraph shows that distortion isessentially unaffected by load.4v balanced input shown.4 ohm 200w4 ohm 200w8 ohm 120w8 ohm 120wDamping Factor8 ohm referenceTypical Crosstalkchannel 2 reading withchannels 1 & 3 driven to120w into 8 ohmschannel 2 reading withchannels 1 & 3 driven to400w into 4 ohms10

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9BSST FIVE CHANNEL POWER AMPLIFIERGNDPOS(+)NEG(–)XLR/PHONE INPUTPin 1/SLEEVE:Pin 2/TIP:Pin 3/RING:PUSHXLR/PHONE INPUTPUSHHOME THEATRE SETTINGSPin 1/SLEEVE:Pin 2/TIP:Pin 3/RING:XLR/PHONE INPUTPin 1/SLEEVE:Pin 2/TIP:Pin 3/RING:XLR/PHONE INPUTPUSHBALANCED INPUT:2VSINGLE ENDED INPUT:1VSee manual for further details.HOME THEATRE SETTINGSWhile single ended or unbalanced inputs are used here,bridging can also be accomplished using the balanced inputsas shown to the left.PUSHHOME THEATRE SETTINGS1804v

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9BSST9BSSTFIVEFIVECHANNELCHANNELPOWERPOWERAMPLIFIERAMPLIFIERTechnical SpecificationsPower Output 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms200 watts per channel into 4 ohmsGain Select and Sensitivity 29dB - 1.1Vin = 120W @ 8 Ohms - (1V Position) 23dB - 2.2Vin = 120W @ 8 Ohms - (2V Position) 17dB - 4.4Vin = 120W @ 8 Ohms - (4V Position)Input Impedance 50 Kohms single ended20 Kohms balancedDistortion IM or THD+noise < 0.005% 20Hz to 20kHz at 120 watts into 8 ohms,< 0.007% 20Hz to 20kHz at 200 watts into 4

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSThe lightning flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of un-insulated“dangerous voltage “ within the product’s enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock topersons.The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance(servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying