La Crosse Technology WS-7058U Portable Radio Kullanım Kılavuzu

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La Crosse Technology WS-7058U Portable Radio Kullanım Kılavuzu

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WS-7058UWireless 433 MHzWireless Weather CenterInstruction Manual

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TABLE OF CONTENTSTopicInventory of Contents/Additional Equipment:Quick Set-Up Guide:Detailed Set-Up GuideBattery Installation:LCD Screens:Program ModeFunction Buttons:LCD Contrast:12/24-hour Time Display:Time Setting:Time Zone Setting:Date Setting:Selecting °F or °C and Inches or Millimeters:Setting Forecast Sensitivity:Displaying Relative/Absolute hPa/inHg:Manually Setting Relative Air Pressure:Setting Bar Graph Display:Features & OperationsViewing Date or Time:Minimum & Maximum Records (Indo

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INVENTORY OF CONTENTS1.2.3.4.WS-7058U—Wireless Weather Center,with table stand (Figure 1).TX4U—Remote Thermo-Hygro(temperaturehumidity) Sensor:Figure 2includes amountingbracket/receptor,rain cover, twomounting screws, and adhesive tape(Figure 2).TX5U—Rainfall Sensor: includes a base,rainfall collector, and two mounting screws(Figure 3).Instruction manual and warranty card.Figure 1Figure 3ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (not included) fresh 1.5V AA batteries.Philips screwdriver.Flathead s

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DETAILED SET-UP GUIDEI.BATTERY INSTALLATIONBatteries will fit tightly. To avoid start-up problems, make sure that thebatteries do not spring free.A. REMOTE THERMO-HYGRO SENSORMountingBracket/ReceptorBatteryCoverRainCoverThermo-HygroSensor1.2.3.4.Pull the cylindrical rain cover off the sensor.Remove the battery cover (located on the backside of the sensor,above the mounting post and bracket). Press the arrow and slidethe battery cover off.Observing the correct polarity install 2 AA batteries.Repl

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C. WEATHER CENTER1.2.3.Remove the battery cover.To do this, place a solidobject in the spaceprovided at the lowercentral position of thebattery cover (the coverhas white writing on it)then push up and pull outon the battery cover.Observe the correctpolarity, and install threeAA batteries.Replace the battery cover.Hanging HoleBattery CoverRemovable TableStandTHE LCD SCREENImmediately after the batteries have been installed, the LCD (Liquid CrystalDisplay) Screen will completely light up for a bri

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PROGRAM MODEThe Program Mode is laid out in a manner that allows you to program eachfunction separately, or you can follow the instructions entirely to program theWeather Center. Complete programming is usually done for the initial set-up,and will require you to skip step 1 of each programming section (from sectionIII to XI). The programming mode can be exited at any time by either pressingthe OUTDOOR button, or waiting for the 20-second time-out to take effect.I.FUNCTION BUTTONSThere are 5 func

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4.5.6.V.Press the SET button to confirm, and advance to set the minutes.The minute digit will flash in LCD 1. Press the + button toadvance the minutes (holding the + button down will advance theminutes in increments of five).Press the SET button to confirm, and to advance to the Time Zonesetting.TIME ZONE SETTINGThis is a feature available on the WS-7058U, it is designed for use inGermany. You may ignore this feature.1.2.3.VI.Press the SET button five times to enter this setting mode.“ 0” wi

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4.Press the SET button to confirm, and to advance to set the WeatherForecast Sensitivity.VIII. WEATHER FORECAST SENSITIVITY SETTINGNote: A higher hPa (Hekto Pascal) setting decreases the forecastingsensitivity of the unit, this feature is available for persons living in areaswhere air pressure changes are significant (not necessarily related to achange of weather). A lower hPa setting is available for areas with amore constant air pressure. This designates that it takes 2 hPa ofpressure change t

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displayed, the next setting mode will be to Manually set theRelative Air Pressure.X.MANUALLY SETTING THE RELATIVE AIR PRESSURE1.2.3.XI.Press the SET button twelve times to enter the Manual Setting ofthe Relative Air Pressure mode.The air pressure digits in LCD 5 will flash. Press the + button toadjust the Relative Air Pressure to an appropriate one. Check thelocal weather service.Press the SET button to confirm, and to advance to select the BarGraph Display.SELECTING BAR GRAPH DISPLAYNote: LCD 5

No Özeti sayfasında içerik 10 the INDOOR button. The Current Indoor temperature inLCD 2 shifts to a display of the minimum recorded indoortemperature, with a “MIN” between the temperature and humidity.The recorded time simultaneously displays. Press the INDOORbutton to display the recorded date in LCD 1.Press the INDOOR button a third time. The minimum temperaturein LCD 2 shifts to the recorded maximum temperature, with therecorded time in LCD 1. Press the INDOOR button a fourth timeto view the recorded dat

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A. WEATHER ICONSThere are 3 possible weather icons that will be displayed at varioustimes in LCD 3:SunnySun with CloudsClouds with RainSunny—indicates that the weather is expected to improve (not that theweather will be sunny).Sun with Clouds—indicates that the weather is expected to be fair (notthat the weather will be sunny with clouds).Clouds with Rain—indicates that the weather is expected to get worse(not that the weather will be rainy).The weather icons change when the unit detects a

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D. COMFORT LEVEL INDICATORThe comfort level indicator appears in the center portion of LCD 2(between the Indoor temperature and the Indoor humidity) as either a“happy-face” or as a “sad-face”. The indicator will display a “happyface” when the temperature is between 68°F and 79°F (20°C and25.9°C), and the humidity is between 45% and 64%. A “sad-face” willbe displayed when the temperature and humidity are outside thementioned ranges.If the humidity is below 45% the word “DRY

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pressure (in LCD 5) to evaluate what past air pressures have been.Air pressure trends can be determined by simply glancing at the bargraph. If the bars are rising (higher on the right than the left) then theair pressure has a rising trend, and the weather should improve. If thebars are dropping (lower on the right than the left) then the air pressurehas a falling trend, and the weather should worsen.A. RAINFALL HISTORYThe bar graph will also display the rainfall history; this mode isindicated by

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To toggle through the 3 different quantities:1.2.3.VI.Press the RAIN button, the rain icon will appear.Press the RAIN button again, “1h” appears.Press the RAIN button a third time, no icon will be visible.RESETTING RAINFALL INFORMATIONA. RAINFALL QUANTITY TOTALSResetting the Rainfall Quantity Totals will clear the numeric data heldunder “TOTAL,” resetting to 0.00 (appearing in LCD 5).From any selected normal display mode:1.2.Press and hold the RAIN button for 3 seconds.Resetting will aut

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7.8.Use the + button to change the first digit to a 3 and press the SETbutton to enter the normal mode. The Weather Center will enterinto normal operating mode. Do not press any buttons while theWeather Center searches for transmisssion signals.Follow Program Mode for set-up proceedures.C. HARD RESET OF EEPROM WEATHER CENTER MEMORYNote: This is to be used if there are problems with transmission, or ifthe rainfall history bar graph needs to be cleared.1.2.3.Remove the batteries and wait 30 second

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Note: When setting up multiple sensors it is important to remove thebatteries from all existing units in operation, then to insert batteries firstinto all the sensors, and in numeric sequence. Second install batteriesinto the Weather Center. Transmission problems will arise if this is notdone correctly and if the total time for set-up exceeds 6 minutesA. SET-UP OF MULTIPLE SENSORSNote: The first sensor signal that the Weather Center receives isautomatically assigned as the “boxed #1.” The 2n

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Place all units in their desired location, and wait approximately 15 minutesbefore permanently mounting to ensure that there is proper reception. TheWeather Center should display an outdoor temperature in LCD 6 within 5minutes of setting up. If the Weather Center loses the signal from the sensor, itwill display the last temperature reading for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes of notreceiving any signals, LCD 6 will display “- -.-”. LCD 5 should show “0.0”within 6 minutes of receiving signals

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3.4.II)Remove the protective strip from the other side of the tape, andsituate the mounting bracket. Firmly press the mounting bracketonto the mounting surface.Fit the mounting post into the receptor of the mounting bracket.THE TX5U—RAINFALL SENSORThe Rainfall Sensor can be mounted in two ways:• Simply placing it in a desired location, or• Mounting it to a surface with the provided screws.Ensure that the Rainfall Sensor is completely horizontal and stable.2) Rotate the rainfall collector s

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III)THE WS-7058U—WEATHER CENTERThe Weather Center can be mounted in 2 ways:• With the included table stand, or• By mounting to a wall.A) TABLE STAND1) Insert the larger, front tab of the table stand into the receptacleunderneath the Weather Center (if held upright).2) Push up on the back of the table stand until the two tabs on theback snap into place.3) Place the Weather Center in an appropriate location, wheretransmission signals can be received.4) To remove the table stand, pull down on

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MAINTENANCE AND CARE•••••Extreme temperatures, vibrations, and shock should be avoided to preventdamage to the units.Clean displays and units with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use solvents orscouring agents—they may mark and damage the displays and casings.Do not submerge in water.Immediately remove all low powered batteries to avoid leakage anddamage. Replace with new batteries only, and of recommended size.Opening the casings invalidates the warranty. Do not try to repair the units.C