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Compatible Systems 2250R Router Kullanım Kılavuzu

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MicroRouter 2250RInstallation GuideCompatible Systems Corporation4730 Walnut StreetSuite 102Boulder, Colorado 80301303-444-9532800-356-0283

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MicroRouter 2250R Installation Guide, Version 3.0Copyright© 1999, Compatible Systems CorporationAll rights reserved. MicroRouter and CompatiView are trademarks ofCompatible Systems Corporation. Other trademarks are the property oftheir respective holders.Copyright© 1997-1999 by Hi/fn, Inc. Includes one or more U.S. PatentNos.: 4,701,745; 5,003,307; 5,016,009; 5,126,739; 5,146,221;5,414,425; 5,414,850; 5,463,390; 5,506,580; 5,532,694. Other PatentsPending.Part number: A00-1268FCC Notice: This p

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Chapter 1 - Introduction1ABOUT THE MICROROUTER 2250RA NOTE ABOUT FIREWALLSA NOTE ABOUT ON-DEMAND INTERNETWORKINGMICROROUTER 2250R INSTALLATION OVERVIEW1112Chapter 2 - Getting Started5A FEW NOTES555566677778Please Read The ManualsWarranty and ServiceGetting Help With the MicroRouter 2250RWHAT YOU WILL NEED TO GET STARTEDSupplied with the MicroRouter 2250RNeeded For InstallationEthernet Connection Requirements10Base-T Twisted-Pair EthernetT1 Line Connection RequirementsOther Telco Line Connection

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Chapter 5 - Command Line ManagementOut-of-Band Command Line ManagementTemporarily Reconfiguring a Host for Command LineManagementSetting Up Telnet Operation15151616Chapter 6 - Basic Configuration Guide19ETHERNET INTERFACE CONFIGURATIONIP Protocol1920202020202121212121212222Required for IPSuggested for IPIPX ProtocolRequired for IPXSuggested for IPXAppleTalk ProtocolRequired for AppleTalkSuggested for AppleTalkDECnet ProtocolRequired for DECnetSuggested for DECnetWAN INTERFACE CONFIGURATIONIntern

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Internal T1 CSU/DSU (WAN 0) Link ConfigurationSMDS AddressingSAVING A CONFIGURATION FILE TO FLASH ROM24252525252525262626272727272727282829292929293030303030313131Appendix A - Shipping Defaults33Suggested for IPIPX ProtocolRequired for IPXSuggested for IPXAppleTalk ProtocolRequired for AppleTalkSuggested for AppleTalkDECnet ProtocolRequired for DECnetSuggested for DECnetInternal T1 CSU/DSU (WAN 0) Link ConfigurationRequired for Dedicated/Leased Line OperationSuggested for Dedicated/Leased Line O

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IPX Routing DefaultsIPX Bridging DefaultsAppleTalk Routing DefaultsAppleTalk Bridging DefaultsDECnet DefaultsWAN InterfacesIP DefaultsIPX DefaultsAppleTalk DefaultsDECnet DefaultsT1 CSU/DSU (WAN 0) Link & Physical DefaultsRS-232 (WAN 1) Link & Physical DefaultsAppendix B - Connector and Cable Pin OutsPin Outs for T1 Female Connector (DTE)Pin Outs for DB-25 Male to DB-25 Female RS-232 Data &Console Cable333333333334343434343434353535Appendix C - LED Patterns and Test Switch Settings 37MicroRouter

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Chapter 1 - Introduction1Chapter 1 - IntroductionAbout the MicroRouter 2250RCongratulations on your purchase of the MicroRouter 2250R multiportwide area router with integrated Fractional/Full T1 CSU/DSU. TheMicroRouter 2250R supports the IP, IPX, AppleTalk, and DECnetnetwork protocols, with leased-line and/or dial-on-demand operationusing the PPP, Frame Relay and/or SMDS wide area protocols.A Note About FirewallsThe MicroRouter 2250R can be configured to be a very effective packetscreening firew

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2Chapter 1 - IntroductionYOU SHOULD CAREFULLY MONITOR PHONE LINE USAGE TOBE SURE THAT YOUR ROUTER CONFIGURATION ISALLOWING THE ROUTER TO DROP THE COMMUNICATIONSLINK WHEN IT ISN’T NEEDED.MicroRouter 2250R Installation OverviewThis manual will help you install the MicroRouter 2250R to connect alocal Ethernet to one or two remote networks and/or remote PPP clientcomputers. These connections can be made to other CompatibleSystems routers, routers from other vendors, or PPP compliant dial-insoftwar

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Chapter 1 - Introduction3The manual is divided into several sections that should provide youwith all the information you will need to use the MicroRouter 2250R onyour network. For the latest documentation on Compatible Systemsproducts, including the most current version of this manual, visit theTechnical Support section of our Web site at: 2 - Getting StartedThis part of the manual describes the contents of the MicroRouter2250R package and emphasizes the prepara

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Chapter 2 - Getting Started5Chapter 2 - Getting StartedA Few NotesPlease Read The ManualsThe manuals included with your MicroRouter 2250R contain veryimportant information about the MicroRouter 2250R and local and widearea networking in general. Please read this manual thoroughly, andrefer to the management reference guides as required. It’s worth thefew minutes it will take.Also, please fill out the warranty registration card and return it to ustoday. This will help us keep you informed of up

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6Chapter 2 - Getting StartedWhat You Will Need To Get StartedBefore connecting the MicroRouter 2250R, please check the list belowto make sure that you have received all of the items that are suppliedwith the MicroRouter 2250R package.You should also make sure you have any additional items that arenecessary to connect the router to your network.Supplied with the MicroRouter 2250RPlease check your shipping package for the following items:•MicroRouter 2250R unit•Wall-mount power supply•One DB

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Chapter 2 - Getting Started7Ethernet Connection RequirementsThe MicroRouter 2250R’s Ethernet interface directly supports 10BaseTtwisted-pair Ethernet. Other Ethernet cabling types (such as thinEthernet, thick Ethernet, fiber optic cabling or pre-10BaseTtwisted-pair) can be supported using a 10BaseT mini-hub or otherconversion device.10Base-T Twisted-Pair EthernetTo connect the router's Ethernet interface to twisted-pair Ethernetcabling you will need an unshielded twisted-pair station cable tha

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8Chapter 2 - Getting StartedThe MicroRouter 2250R secondary port is an RS-232 sync/async interface. The RS-232 interface is capable of communicating to anotherrouter or a PPP client machine over a modem, 56K CSU/DSU, or ISDNTerminal Adapter.RS-232 InterfaceThe MicroRouter 2250R includes one DB-25 to DB-25 RS-232sync/async cable. This cable supports RS-232 asynchronous modems,synchronous leased and switched 56K CSU/DSU’s, and ISDN TerminalAdapters. It can also be used to connect the router’s

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Chapter 3 - Network Installation9Chapter 3 - Network InstallationMicroRouter 2250R Back PanelThis section of the manual describes how to connect the MicroRouter2250R to your Ethernet network and your wide area communicationsdevice(s). In summary, the steps for installation are:1.Make sure the router is powered down and not connected to anypower source.2.Connect the router to the Ethernet network(s).3.Connect the router to the T1 line.4.Connect the router’s secondary port to a wide area line co

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10Chapter 3 - Network InstallationConnecting the Router to the EthernetIf your twisted-pair hub is already in place, you can connect the routerto an active network without interrupting network activity. The routermust be powered off.Connecting to Twisted-Pair EthernetBefore connecting the router to twisted-pair cabling you need anunshielded twisted-pair cable that is already connected to your10BaseT-compatible twisted-pair hub.To connect the router to the twisted-pair network, simply plug thetwi

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Chapter 3 - Network Installation11v Note: The MicroRouter 2250R RS-232 interfaces require that yourasynchronous line communications device be set to supply the RS-232DCD signal when a connection has been made. A synchronous RS-232device should be set to provide DSR.vNote: The MicroRouter 2250R includes a special cable to facilitateconnections to RS-232 line communications devices. This cableincludes support for several asynchronous and synchronous controlsignals. Off-the-shelf cables generally d

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Chapter 4 - CompatiView Software Installation13Chapter 4 - CompatiViewSoftware InstallationAll of the routers in Compatible Systems’ internetworking and VPNfamilies, including all RISC Router and MicroRouter models, can bemanaged from a single GUI management platform called CompatiView.CompatiView for Windows is included on the CD-ROM which wasshipped with your MicroRouter 2250R.vNote: An older version of CompatiView for Mac OS was includedon the CD-ROM shipped with your router, but does not c

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14Chapter 4 - CompatiView Software InstallationRun the auto-installation program (CV5x file) by double-clicking on it.The installation program will ask you to select (or create) a directory inwhich it should locate CompatiView and its associated files and database subdirectory.Once the installation is complete, double-click on the CompatiViewicon to open the program. For further information on using CompatiView, see the CompatiView Management Software Reference Guideincluded with your router.vNo