Fortec FS-4500 Satellite TV System Kullanım Kılavuzu

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Fortec FS-4500 Satellite TV System Kullanım Kılavuzu

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GENERAL INFORMATIONMain FeaturesFor your SafetyUnpackingGeneral OperationRCU334556INSTALLATIONFront PanelRear PanelConnecting to TV& VCR using SCART supportConnecting to TV using RCA supportConnecting to Digital AmplifierMENU INFORMATIONMain Menu1. Edit Channel1.1 TV Channel List1.2 Radio Channel List1.3 Delete All1.4 Delete channels by satellite1.5 System Backup1.6 System Recover2. Installation2.1 Antenna Connection2.2 Satellite List2.3 Antenna Setup2.4 Single Satellite Search2.5 Multi Satellit

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4. Tools4.1 Information4.2 Factory Setting4.3 Upgrade by USB4.4 Conditional Access4.5 USB5. REC5.1 Record Mangager5.2 PVR Setting5.3 HDD Information6. Hot key6.1 Info6.2 EPG6.3 Find6.4 Number6.5 TV/Radio6.6 Up/Down6.7 Left/Right6.8 Mute6.9 Pause6.10 OK6.11 Audio6.12 Recall6.13 Fav6.14 Teletext6.15 Zoom222323232325262627272727272828282828292929292930303031

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A Digital Satellite Receiver is a convenient product that allows you to view a varietyof programs provided through satellite. This user's guide covers the installation ofthe DSR and the necessary steps to implement various features. This also explainsspecial features available only in this DSR in detail, which will allow you to make fullof these feature.Information confirmed in this document is subject to change. We reserves the right,without notice, to make change in product design or performan

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WARNINGFor Your SafetyTo avoid electric-shock hazards, do notopen the cabinet, refer servicing to qualifiedpersonnel only.Keep the receiver away from flower vases,tubs, sinks, etc., in order to avoid damagingthe equipment.Do not expose the receiver un-der thesunlight. And keep it away from the heatsource.Do not block ventilation holes of theReceiver so that air can circulate freely.When the abnormal phenomenon occur,you should cut off the power immediately.Do not touch the receiver during thunde

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DEF3ABCM NO2.,*?!@6JK1LW XY5G HIZ9TU4V8PQPR.RS70MEIOAD/RTVPEPSAUP LAGNUS TOEPYSHINIFTFOREPRRDCO+OKTL ISEXITPRVFAS LETVSA/AEPLRVTXTZOFIOMTS LOWNDFASTRRemote ControlBatteriesGuideAV cableGeneral OperationThroughout this manual you will notice that the everyday operation of the receiver isbased on a series of user friendly on screen display and menus. These menus willhelp you get the most from your receiver, guiding you through installation, channelorganizing, viewing and many other functions.All f

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RCUKeyFunctionTurns power ON/OFF of the DSR.,*?!@ABCDEF123GHIJKLMNOWhen watching a channel, mute the sound0~94PQRS56TUVWXYZ897TV/RADIOPR.FAVTV/RADIO0EPGPAUSEMENUPLAYSTOPEnter number of the required menu item orselect a channel number to watchSwitches between TV and Radio modeSwitches back to previous channelDisplays the favorite group listPRSHIFTTimeshift function keyFINDDisplay the Find windowINFOShow information of the current channelMENUPress this key one time to run menu onscreenINFOSHIFTMov

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Connecting to TV using RCA supportSatelliteDishINVIDEOAUDIOTVRLSerial NumberConnecting to Digital AmplifierSatelliteDishSerial NumberDIGITAL AUDIOCONVERTOR ORAMPLIFIERSPEAKERLRDIGITAL AUDIO

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Main MenuMake sure that you have properly installed and connected the cables of the receiverwell. If the receiver is the factory status or there is no program list, when power on,the Main Menu window will be displayed on the screen.During the normal TV/Radio mode, press MENU key on the RCU to enter into theMain Menu window.This menu consists of 5 major main menusas follow.- Edit Channel- Installation- System Setup- Tools- RECDuring the installation the OK key confirms a selection and LIST key sh

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If there is no program, you can not exit from the Main Menu window by pressingMENU or EXIT key. System will inform "No channel" and the following items turn grey.Sub-menuTurn grey when there is no programEdit ChannelSystem backupTV Channel ListSystem RecoverRadio Channel ListDelete allDelete channels by satelliteAntenna ConnectionSatellite ListAntenna SetupSingle Satellite SearchMulti Satellite SearchTP ListInstallationSystem SetupLanguageLocal Time SettingParental LockFavoriteToolsInformationUp

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3. Press FAV key to move the FAV buttonupward. Select the program and press OK keyto pop up the favourite group list. In the list,select the group that you want to add into andpress OK key,and then you will findthefavourite mark is displayed at the right side ofthe selected program.Press FAV key again to exit from the fav mode,and you will find the FAV button return to theorigin position.4. Press red colour key to move the Lock buttonupward. Select the program and press OK keyto mark this progra

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7. Press blue colour key to enter into theEdit channel window.i . Sort (red colour key)Press red colour key to pop up the Sort dropdown list.Name(A-Z): The ascending order, omitting the $character, the number is ahead, then the capitalletter, at last the lowercase.Name (Z-A): The opposite order of the aboveName (A-Z).Free/Scrabmle:: All FTA programs are listedahead, while all scrambled programs are listedlast.Lock: all locked programs are listed at the last.ii. Edit (green colour key)Press green

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iii. Delete (blue colour key)In Delete window, press blue colour key to movethe Delete button upward. Select the program andpress OK key to mark this program with the deletionmark. You can cancel this mark by pressing OK keyagain.Press EXIT key to pop up the dialogue "Are yousure to save?". Select Yes button and press OK keyto save, or select NO button and press OK key toexit without saving.1.2 Radio Channel ListSine the same operation as 1.1 TV Channel List, here we don't explain any more.1.3 D

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2. Installation1. Press OK key orkey to pop up the "InputPassword" dialogue, you can not enter into themenu unless the correct password is inputted.The default password is "0000".2. Press PR+, PR- keys to move the cursor up ordown.3. Press EXIT key orkey to move the focusto the left menu.2.1 Antenna ConnectionPresskeys to select between MotorAntenna and Fixed Antenna.2.2 Satellite List1. Press PR+, PR- keys to select the satellite upor down. Press OK key to select and mark, andyou can press OK k

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4.Press green colour key to pop up the AddSatellite window. Since the same operation asthe above Edit Satellite window, here we don'texplain any more.5. Press blue colour key to pop up the dialogue"Are you sure to delete?". Select Yes button andpress OK key to delete the selected satellite.You can cancel this operation by pressing OKkey at the NO button.2.3 Antenna SetupPart A: FixedSuppose that you have selected Fixed Antennain the Antenna Connection window.1. Satellite: All selected satellites

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3. Delete All: Press OK key to pop up thedialogue "Are you sure to clear set satelliteposition of this tuner?". Press OK key at the Yesbutton to clear all the memories about theposition of the satellites that has connected tothe current turner.4. Motor Setting: Press OK key to the MotorSetting window.Satellite: Presskeys to select the satellitein circle. Or press OK key to pop up the dropdown list, then select the desired satellite in thelist and press OK key to confirm.Transponder: The same ope

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6. If select USALS, Delete All item will turn grey.Local Longitude, Local Latitude: Presskeys to switch between West and East,orpresskeys to switch between Northand South. Press OK key to enter into the editingmode. Use numeric keys (0-9) to input thelongitude or latitude, press MENU key or EXITkey to exit. The range of the longitude is from 0to 180,while the range of the latitude is from 0 to90. If the inputted value is not in this range,system will pop up a dialogue "Out of Range"when exit fro

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2.5 Multi Satellite SearchFrom the Multi Satellite Search window, youcan search several satellites at the one time.1. Satellite: All selected satellites in the satellitelist window are displayed on the down part. Youcan presskeys to switch among them.2. FTA Only: Presskeys to select betweenYes and No.3. Scan Channel: Presskeys to selectamong TV+Radio, TV Channel, Radio.4. Network Search: Select between No and Yes. This item turns grey when AutoScan is selected in the following Scan mode item.5.